Best Paid Surveys Sites to earn online – July 2018

Paid surveys 2018: the best survey sites to easily earn online. Online Paid Surveys: the list of the best, the most reliable, those who pay

Online Paid Surveys: Best Sites to Earn up to $500 per Month

Can you really earn with paid surveys?

Are there any online paid surveys that allow you to earn something, or do you only waste time?

Are you curious to find out what are the best sites and portals of paid surveys that really pay and do not just waste your precious time?

We try to answer all of these in our new article, where we will analyze the best sites to earn online through paid surveys. 

Moreover, earning with surveys is one of the most used ways to make money on the internet, because it is within everyone’s reach and offers the possibility to work from home and at any time of the day, to plan work and income by reconciling the activity with our needs, with the security of remuneration and reliability of the leading companies in the sector.

And if you are interested in activities like this and you want to approach the world of paid surveys online, you’re in the right place!

Today we present you the best online survey sites updated on July 2018. 

Before proceeding with the list of the best and most reliable paid survey sites, however, some useful information.

What are online paid surveys?

As you can easily guess, paid surveys are online questionnaires that ask you to answer certain questions on a specific topic.

Just read the questionnaire, answer all the questions and you will be rewarded for your time through real money, or shopping vouchers, Ikea vouchers, Amazon vouchers, PayPal vouchers and much more!

Paid surveys represent a decidedly legal online earnings mode, accessible to everyone, regardless of age, social background and skills.

Indeed, the more you represent a “particular socio-demographic profile”, the greater the chances of being the recipient of a very high number of online paid surveys dedicated to you, and therefore of being able to earn more with the paid online surveys.

Why do online surveys done?

Simple: companies, before launching new products, perform market studies to see if the product will please or be successful.

The companies could carry out these studies on the street or on the phone, interviewing random people, but people do not stop in the street, or otherwise they would answer the questions listlessly or without thinking too much.

On the phone we have a similar situation: people, for fear of scams, not only do not answer questions, but also try to end the call as soon as possible.

This is why large companies prefer to use paid survey sites, where users respond to questionnaires in detail, in a comfortable situation, and in return are paid.

And here’s what online paid surveys are for.

Strengths of paid surveys

So let’s see what are the characteristics common to the paid survey panels:

  • Free: The panels are 100% free
  • Within everyone’s reach: In order to complete surveys, we will not have any knowledge of any kind, nor have work experience and professional experience. The only thing required is our sincere opinion
  • Freedom: We can make money with online surveys when it suits us best
  • Convenience: We do not need anything special, just a computer, sometimes even a smartphone or tablet
  • Duration of the surveys: The duration is variable, but the average lasts from 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Compensation: In general, a completed questionnaire is not paid more than $5, but remember that the remuneration of a survey depends mainly on the duration and the profile of the participant
  • Payments: The panels usually pay users for each completed questionnaire. Once we have accumulated a certain number of points or money in our account, we can request payment.

Are all paid survey sites reliable?

Obviously not.

As with anything else, there are reliable paid survey sites, which really pay and give you real money or prizes, and sites that only make you waste time.

In this second case, after you have completed many questionnaires and answered many surveys, when it is time to request payment you risk not receiving anything. 

This is why it is essential to understand which are the best paid survey sites, those to visit and those to avoid: you will save time, you can only focus on the sites that really work and you can get real prizes or gifts in return.

How to find the best paid online survey sites?

Simple: following our instructions that you find below.

We have analyzed many paid survey sites for you and have chosen the best ones that really allow you to make money online. 

You will see below that there are many platforms for surveys paid on the Internet. All of these premium or paid survey sites allow you to earn varied items, prizes, discount coupons and a few dollars by responding to surveys and surveys of varying length on the most disparate topics.

So let’s see what are the best survey sites that make you gain online in some way. For each site we also specified the type of reward you can get after responding to the various surveys. 

My Survey

Earn points to convert into prizes and money (via PayPal). You can collect points without excessive problems, but you must have the patience to wait for surveys for which you will be judged suitable.

It typically sends 1 to 3 monthly surveys. One of the world’s most popular survey sites.

It offers shopping vouchers, Ikea, Amazon, Paypal.


Toluna is one of the most famous and frequented online paid survey platforms. It is also one of those that pays higher value prizes as well as one of the richest paid surveys.

In return, it offers shopping vouchers, gifts of various types and products to be tested!

You receive an average of 1-2 surveys a day.

Green Panthera

Vouchers, Paypal. $5 immediately upon enrollment.


Expense coupons and immediately $5 as a welcome bonus.

Global Test Market

It is a well known and populated paid survey platform for users. Pay on PayPal, which not all platforms do. Excellent compensation, above average.

It offers a good number of surveys and an average gain a little higher than the other survey and reward portals.

You can receive top-ups in your PayPal account.


It may not have the firepower in terms of the variety of polls that is present in Toluna, for example.

Offers Amazon, Decathlon, Zalando, Trony from 10 or 20$. There are also cash prizes, directly on PayPal but they are rarer.

Nielsen Digital Voice

It offers shopping vouchers and gifts to redeem in the in-house Digital Voice store: we talk about household appliances, games, jewellery and much more.

Reliability Nielsen, one of the giants of the survey industry.

Google Opinion Reward

The Google survey platform. It is only available via Android app. Easy to use, quick surveys, but they are generally few.

Offers from a few cents up to 2/3 dollars per survey. Mainly, however, it is about 30 – 70 dollars cents per survey.

How to register in the various survey sites

To register for the panels just fill in the fields indicated for registration with your name and surname, date of birth and city of residence, and finally the e-mail address.

Usually you will receive an email after a few seconds with the link to confirm your registration and complete your profile to receive the most suitable questionnaires for us.

Nothing too complicated, certainly something for everyone, even for less experienced users.

How to fill in the profile in the best way

After registration, you will generally have to complete your profile, ie answer a series of simple questions to provide information about yourself, your life and your family.

In this way, the survey site will know what kind of survey you send according to your lifestyle.

Since your goal is to have the possibility to complete the most questionnaires, I suggest you use some precautions to get more paid surveys.

In general, you should claim to be the person who deals with family purchases.

Also try to widen the horizon of your interests, at least in the answers you provide: the more topics you claim to know, the more themes that the panel of surveys will propose to you.

I also suggest you declare that you wear glasses to receive surveys on behalf of companies that deal with optics, from sight and sun, or declare to have many different electronic devices at home to become interesting for technology companies, or even to owning a car, maybe 4 or 5 years, to be interesting for car manufacturers.

How to participate in remunerated surveys

All very simple: to participate in paid online surveys you just have to wait for the platform to send you an email with a link to a questionnaire that suits your characteristics.

Alternatively, you can visit your account and see if there are any available.

Better to do both, of course.

How much do you earn with paid surveys?

It seems obvious to me to tell you, but you never know.

Nobody gives you anything, so do not expect to get rich with paid surveys. 

If you make the most of these sites and you know how to take all the opportunities, you could even get to set aside 400 or 500 dollars a month.

In general, however, through these paid surveys you put aside from 20 to 50 dollars per month, which in any case they just do not suck, right?

It is clear that paid online surveys are a great way to supplement your salary, set aside small amounts or earn a monthly extra. Of course we will not become rich with this activity.

Remember that your earnings will depend solely on your availability in terms of time and your desire to answer questions.

Let’s take an example: let’s take an average questionnaire of 10 or 15 minutes. If once completed you will have earned 2 dollars, just complete 6 per day to collect 12 euros in 24 hours. By participating in the surveys every day, for 30 days, we will be able to raise $360 per month, or more than $4000 per year. But this is an OPTIMUM hypothesis. In general, however, as I told you, you will not struggle to accumulate about 50-100 dollars per month with a bit of effort (which make 1200 dollars per year).

How can I make more money? 

Simple, subscribing to multiple survey sites and to all survey sites listed in this article.


With this article on paid surveys we have concluded.

As you can guess, it is a type of online gain certainly simple, affordable for everyone, without the need for training, definitely safe and reliable, especially for the platforms that we have listed on this page.

Obviously it will not necessarily guarantee who knows what revenue, but it is not all to be thrown away: in the face of a poor investment of time, you will be able to get good spendable in shops and supermarkets, discounts, phone top-ups and even payments in dollars.

What do you think of the portals we have reported to you? Did you know them already? Did you use them in the past? Is something important missing?

Let us know in the comments at the end of the article!

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