Let’s see how to find a stolen or lost notebook and prevent installing the right programs on your laptop so you can easily find it

Notebook lost or stolen? Here’s how to find it again

It would be the saddest thing for a person who works with the laptop, or even for those who invested their savings in buying a notebook and see it steal from the backpack, lost in the subway or hacking the car is very bad but if you use the right precautions you can find it.

It can happen to everyone to lose the notebook or steal it and although except on laptops from Apple and some other manufacturers, bypassing the locking systems as a password or other access is not difficult and then you can use the device even if stolen or lost.

To help you find the lost or stolen laptop, we indicate which applications to install BEFORE this happens so as to prevent and rediscover the device as well as delete all their contents if we can not access them.

Also with this system we can know the last position of the notebook when it was on and if it is still working it knows the precise position but also make some moves.

Tracing Stolen or Lost Notebook / Laptop

There are several systems to find the lost or stolen notebook and we tell you which tools to use on Window, MAC and Linux so as to try to find your notebook.

  • Find my device for Windows and MAC
  • Prey
  • LockItTight

Find my device for Windows, MAC and Linux

Both Windows 10 and MAC have the convenient function of Find my device that allows you to receive the last position on the device and also to format the notebook if this is accessed and connected to the internet. For Linux we can use alternative software.

Here is the procedure to activate it on Windows 10:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Update and Security
  • Select the item Find my device
  • Click on Edit
  • Select the Activate item
  • From now on by accessing the official website you can know where your notebook is

Here is the procedure to activate it on MAC:

With Find My Mac, you can locate and protect your Mac even in case of theft or loss. To use Find My Mac, simply activate the function in System Preferences> iCloud. It is necessary that the Find My Mac has been configured before the theft or loss.


It’s the software I use on my notebook with Windows. Prey, available for Windows, MAC and even Linux and allows you to find a stolen or lost notebook.

You can download it from the official website and once installed, after a short initial configuration you will receive a link that will allow you to access your device and among the features of the fantastic program we can also create a web page where you can access your device:

  • Know the position
  • Take a screenshot of the desktop
  • Take a picture of the thief using the webcam

Unfortunately, if the thief formats the device without accessing the PC, the effect of Prey will be nullified.


Finally, there is LockItTight, which is perhaps the most complete of all that allows:

  • Have a constant tracking
  • Send alarm sounds
  • Desktop Screenshot
  • Photo from the webcam
  • Know what you press on the keyboard
  • See the notes
  • See the Internet history
  • Block the contents

You can download LockItTight from the official website and once installed a web page will be loaded where you will have to create your account and from there you will manage your devices, view logs and reports and know the position on the map.

If you know other “infallible” methods, write in the comments and we will add them to the list after trying them out.



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