Best Free Apps for Learning to Play Guitar on iPhone and iPad

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We can use some programs to understand how you can play the guitar, and then practice it yourself. There are PC software, of course, but not only. If we have an iPhone or an iPad we can install some free apps that greatly simplify guitar learning. We will see 5 of these apps.

1. Epic Chromatic Tuner

To tune the guitar, let’s leave the application of Gibson and focus on this: it is currently the best among those on the Apple market. How does it work? Well, like any tuner, tuner, classic: starting from the sound we are shown the frequency. And therefore, the note.

2. Chords

Simple things are often the best for the series. Why? Because this application allows us to learn many different agreements, 28 for each note. It’s like having a book, but much easier to consult and much more complete.

Anyone can find the graphics of this Spartan apps, and indeed it is. But it is a deliberate choice, not to distract us with a thousand frills and special effects useless, if not harmful, for our learning.

3. Guitar Buddy

This is a much more educational application than the others. And, I must say, it works well. It allows you to easily learn chords and arpeggios, it also teaches some songs. Each lesson has a score to follow either reading the notes on the iPad screen or listening to the media. Yes, because when we learn to play listening to music it is just as important as theoretical study. Actually, maybe it’s even a bit more.

4. Guitar Free with Songs

Finally, the last application is a virtual guitar. Taking advantage of the touch screen of our iPhone we can learn to play various songs preloaded in the software. As? Just follow the directions and put your fingers where there is the point. The free version of the program contains only some songs, mostly simple. If instead we decide to spend a dozen dollars we can download another 500 songs to learn. Although, to be honest, after a bit of virtual practice it is better to start practicing with the real guitar.

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