5 Websites to Play Guitar Online to practice

The guitar can be a very expensive hobby, especially when you try to learn the rudiments: between courses, cost of the instrument and time to devote to practice, here is that your wallet could get out of it literally destroyed. For this reason, it would make you really comfortable approaching this passion without spending even a single buck, thus having the opportunity to actually test your desire to move to a next level, before buying a real guitar and to give us inside. Today we will see 5 others to play the guitar online and for free!


Instinct is the first site to play guitar online and for free that we will analyze in this article. It is essentially a community of guitar lovers, who can sign up, take advantage of the free courses and even use a digital version of a guitar, thus beginning to experience this musical passion. Users can also record and share their creations on the most well-known social networks – like Facebook and Twitter – and also let them listen to other fans registered on the platform. Finally, note that you can strum on your virtual guitar using the mouse.

Virtual Music Instrument

Virtual Music Instrument is a site that brings together various digital musical instruments, including a fun guitar online as well as piano, flute and much more. Its use is very simple, as it will be enough to select the desired instrument and start setting the options from the top menu, before actually starting to play your instrument. In this regard, you will be pleased to know that the virtual guitar controls are very simple and easy to understand: for example, you can swing a chord with the keyboard, without ever losing sight of the list of commands. Finally, be aware that on the website you will also find an automatic tuner.

Adams Guitar

Adams Guitar is a great site to play online guitars, especially because inside you will find different types of guitars, and you can also record your composition. Once you have chosen your guitar (between a list that includes the acoustic and the electric one), you can play a song choosing it from the well-stocked list of the site, trying to get a version that is similar to the original: a challenge that will add a little more healthy fun at your hobby!

Button Bass

The fourth site of our list is Button Bass: a platform very similar to Adams Guitar, which will allow you to choose different virtual guitars to play. Also in this case you can easily set every single option and start playing the song you have chosen from the list, trying to faithfully reproduce it and record it, to then confirm your progress. You can use the mouse or activate the keyboard controls: in any case, know that this website is very easy to use and also really suitable for practicing with the guitar.

Guitar Flash

We close our review with Guitar Flash, a very different site from the other options on the list. The reason? Here you can in fact exploit a video game very similar to Guitar Hero, with a fabulous gallery of musical pieces to choose from and a series of challenging and all very entertaining challenges. In practice, you will not have to do anything but hit the chords at the right time, to get points on points and to successfully complete your challenge with the guitar. To try absolutely!

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