Entertainment during leisure time is of fundamental importance for some, especially for those who like to delight in their passions and one of these is undoubtedly the music.

If you are passionate about music and play some instrument in particular, you will probably be interested in today’s article. In fact, to help improve the music quality of our users, we decided to select and collect the top 5 sites with virtual music keyboards to play directly online without having to buy any kind of software or resort to crazy spending to have tools and tools available that may be difficult to use.

If you find yourself reading this article, it is because you are mainly interested in this type of content, so we advise you to dedicate another 5 minutes of time to the post and continue reading to see if one of the sites listed below can actually meet your musical needs. Ok, here we are, now is the time to show you the protagonist resources of today, accompanied by links to services and a brief description of the main features offered.

Site index:

  1. CaseyRule.com
  2. MIDI.city
  3. VirtualKeyboard
  4. MultiplayerPiano.com
  5. OnlineSequencer.net

1. CaseyRule.com – ^

Let’s start with a service called CaseyRule.com that is nothing more than a simple resource that provides an online MIDI virtual keyboard with which you can play the most important musical instruments such as guitar, violin, trumpet, soprano sax, drum, piano, bass, reed , synth effects, chromatic percussions, strings, pipes, ethnic, organ, ensemble, synth lead, percussion, brass, synth pads and more.

The best feature of this service is that you can configure the PC keyboard and turn it into a real musical instrument and also you can set the recording function that allows you to record everything you play and maybe listen to it later.

2. MIDI.city – ^

Another nice site that offers virtual MIDI keyboards to play directly online is MIDI.city. It is a completely free resource that comes with two different sections which are:

  • Synth : in this section you can choose the various types of instruments present (Piano, Percussion, Organ, Guitar, Bass, Strings, Ensemble, Brass, Reed, Pipe, Synth Lead, Synth Pad, Synth Effects) and also, each instrument offers the possibility of associating another 5 or 6 sound effects.
  • Beat : this section allows the choice of 6 beat kits with 18 different different patterns to use as a base

3. VirtualKeyboard – ^

VirtualKeyboard.nsspot.net is another excellent free online resource that allows you to play and practice with the musical instrument that you prefer the most. It has nothing to envy to the tools created with the same purpose, in fact allows you to choose and play Piano, Organ, Saxophone, Flute, Pan tubes, Strings, Guitar, Steel Drums and Double Bass. Like the previous tool, VirtualKeyboard also allows you to manage the beat (among the 6 present) to assign as a basis for background playback.

4. MultiplayerPiano.com – ^

The next site that offers a free MIDI keyboard to be used directly online is MultiplayerPiano.com. It is perhaps the best resource ever because of its characteristics a little more special than the “colleagues”.

In fact, this tool as well as allowing you to choose between different tools, also presents a very useful chat that can be used to communicate with other users who play the same instrument. It is also possible to invite your friends in the chat and challenge them with music.

5. OnlineSequencer.net – ^

The last site that we are going to present to take advantage of the online MIDI keyboard for free is OnlineSequencer.net. It is an important resource that essentially has the same characteristics of the sites described above, in fact this tool allows you to play: piano, percussion, guitar and orchestra instruments. You can also choose the beat for the base during background playback and of course record any sound emitted by the instrument.


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