4 Best Sites for the VHS Effect Online on your Photos

The Video Home System, better known by the abbreviation VHS, is nothing more than a simple analogue recording system very common in the past. The VHS or the so-called video cassettes have been a must in the past years and have been so successful that any family owned a device to play the movies recorded on this type of support.

Over time, the technologies have improved notably and this type of media have disappeared from circulation in a very short time, almost becoming (at the time of today) rare and valuable objects.

Who does not remember how fascinating and fun it was to get together with family or friends and maybe watch those movies made with video cameras of the time that provided that particular effect (not beautiful to see) that still many fans try to replicate and emulate?

To help that slice of passionate photo editing user, who likes those retro and vintage effects, we decided to review 4 sites to get the online VHS effect on any type of photo. Let’s find out now what are these resources, what are the primary features offered to users and what results can be achieved.

Site index:

  1. PhotoFunia
  2. ImageGlitcher
  3. PhotoMosh
  4. Glitch2

1. PhotoFunia – ^

Photo Funia is the best free web resource to apply any kind of effect to the photo, in our case it is the ideal tool to immediately apply the VHS effect.

It is a fairly complete tool that allows the modification of an unlimited number of photos and takes full advantage of the cloud services with Google Drive and Dropbox. Once you have reached the site, the first thing to do is to upload the shot to be edited, after which it is expected to cut the photo and finally you can quickly apply the desired effect on the image.

What we will get at the end is a new high definition photo (in .jpg format) with the VHS effect applied.

2. ImageGlitcher – ^

ImageGlitcher is another important free web resource to easily make all the photos you want. The tool is well made and allows you to apply the effect of today’s protagonist without encountering any kind of problem.

Also in this case it is possible to modify an unlimited number of photographs and also allows a complete customization on the aspect of the effect that will certainly make the shot in retro style just as happened in front of the TV when watching video cassettes. If the tool described above does not fit your requirements, remember that you can always fall back on ImageGlitcher.

3. PhotoMosh – ^

Another resource extremely easy to use and that ensures amazing results is PhotoMosh, a website completely dedicated to editing photos and applying special effects.

This tool allows you to quickly and immediately apply the VHS effect to the photos, making them vintage and very beautiful to see. It is a very intuitive resource, in fact to use it in the best way, just drag or upload the photo to edit (or click directly from webcam), apply the chosen effect (VHS effect in our case) and perform tests on the effects (panel right) until the optimal result is achieved.

4. Glitch2 – ^

Did not the resources described in the previous paragraphs dislike you or for any other reason have not satisfied you? Before finally ending the post we wanted to suggest a last site known as Glitch2. Essentially it presents itself with the same and identical features of PhotoMosh, but it has two basic parameters (Scan Lines and Slice Glitch) that if well combined and well set, will allow to reach a quality of the VHS effect never seen before. Our advice is to take a look at it and maybe hack for a while so as to reach unimaginable objectives.


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