Do you need to edit a song on your computer and are looking for a software that allows you to do it easily and quickly and without paying for it? In the next lines we will talk about the best free audio and music editing programs available for download on the Internet.


Audacity is one of the best software available on the square that allows you to increase the volume of a song, make cuts and generally process any audio file with a few simple gestures. Let’s talk about a free and open source program available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Its interface is extremely intuitive and can be used easily with the mouse. Through the various buttons and menus available, you can access all the features offered. Audacity is also useful for recording from an external microphone or other sources that can be connected to the computer.


NCH Software is a very famous company on the market for its very useful free software. In its catalog there is also an audio editing program called WavePad that is even used by professionals. The software can support various audio formats such as MP3, WAV, VOX, WMA and so on.

Thanks to its features, you can, for example, insert effects in some parts of a music track, cut out a piece you do not like or even modify it by taking sound effects and samples of music not protected by copyright from a music libraryWavePad is also available in a paid version that removes the various limitations present in the free version.


Among the best free audio and music editing programs we decided to include Wavosaur as well. Compared to the solutions seen recently, we are faced with a portable software of just 560 kB that does not need to be installed on the Windows PC. From its size you can well imagine that the interface is very simple, therefore suitable for the average user who does not prefer complex things.

Among its features we have the ability to apply some basic effects but there are advanced features of processing, exporting files via third-party software and so on. In addition to this, Wavosaur supports VST (Virtual Studio Technology), a standard of music plugins.

Best free audio and music editing programs: other solutions

In case you were not satisfied with the software mentioned earlier, below you will find some good alternatives to consider when editing an audio file on your Windows or Mac PC.


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