Clean master is one of the most downloaded apps; it is in fact used by many users to free RAM memory. You will ask yourself: does it really work or can it even be harmful? In this article we will clarify these doubts and see if Clean Master really does help.

Does Clean Master really work?

App that can optimize RAM memory on Android proved to be very useful in recent years; nevertheless, with the evolution of smartphones and the operating system of Google, it is now useless. Even in Windows, when the RAM is almost completely occupied, the operating system itself makes use of virtual memory to remedy this problem, that is, it temporarily uses the hard drive or the SSD.

But this does not apply to Android, which uses its own RAM manager, which optimizes its performance in the best way. In mobile devices, the speed with which the information requested by the user is shown is of fundamental importance, that is why having apps in RAM is definitely positive; Beyond this, the robot’s operating system keeps the app running in the background constantly under control, so that the less important ones do not continue to occupy RAM. This happens thanks to a special LMK driver, that is Low Memory Killer, which assigns an evaluation to each process, so as to understand which object loaded in RAM is or not essential.

The various killer apps for RAM optimization, including Clean Master, are therefore useless, if not even counterproductive. In fact, the latter often cause even a reduction in the speed of RAM, as these software also eliminate resources that can be useful to speed up the app, with the result that LMK will then have to recharge the same components from the flash memory; in this way you will have an incorrect management of the RAM, which will therefore cause a reduction in performance and will also reduce the battery life. So, upstream of what has been said, problems can arise in case they are simultaneously running multiple applications and many services in the background, especially in the case of RAM less than 2 GB. It is also good that the internal memory of the Android device always has enough space, avoiding downloading unnecessary applications and trying to occupy the internal memory of the device as little as possible.

In addition to the reasons listed above, in the case of Clean Master there are also other factors that detract from it; for example, the latter is crammed with advertisements that often have a negative impact on the functioning of the smartphone. Or there are reports of problems, which do not always exist, to induce the user to install the CM Security suite.


So, in conclusion, we can say that Clean Master and similar apps do not offer any improvement to the performance of the smartphone, indeed they even cause a slowdown.


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