Best Free Players in Football Manager 2019

Which free players to buy in Football Manager 2019? Here is the list of players without a contract to buy on a free transfer to save money

Football Manager 2019 free players to buy now?

Here we are: punctual like every year, Football Manager 2019 is available in stores and online and allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of a coach who must manage and organize his team to the best so as to bring it to the victory of all the championships and cups possible.

As always, however, among the tasks of the coach there is also to look for new players to buy to renew the rose and to make the team stronger and stronger, all without forgetting to keep under control the finances, since the money they are not unlimited and there is a budget to be respected for the purchase of new players.

If you have already bought Football Manager 2019 and are ready to invest millions and millions of dollars on the market to buy the most famous champions and the strongest players, I suggest you read this article before proceeding.

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In fact, you find a list in which I recommend many players released to be contracted in Football Manager 2019.

Free players to buy in Football Manager 2019

Without wasting any more time, let’s see immediately what are the best players to take on a free parameter, so those released and who can enter in your team without paying any amount, at no cost.

Committed to the maximum and try to contract these players in order to give your team a strong, quality, but zero-cost pawn.

  • Diego Cavalieri P 35 years
  • Javi Varas P 36 years old
  • Benout Tremoulinas D 32 years
  • Serdar Taşçı D 31 years old
  • Robert Huth D 34 years old
  • Eliseu D 35 years old
  • Papy Djilobodji D 29 years old
  • Dennis Diekmeier D 29 years old
  • Dimitar Berbatov At age 37
  • Obafemi Martins At 34 years old
  • Daio Conca C 35 years
  • Didier N’Dong C 24 years
  • Eugen Polanski C 32 years old
  • Mathieu Flamini C 34 years
  • Ederson C 32 years
  • Abou Diaby C 32 years
  • Samir Nasri C / A (31 years)
  • Nilmar At 34 years old
  • Prejuce Nakoulma At age 31
  • Emmanuek Emenike At 31 years old

NOTE: A = attacker, C = midfielder, D = defender, P = goalkeeper

We have finished. 

Did you find anyone interesting? Were you able to bring into your team some players from those listed?

Let us know who you bought in Football Manager 2019 using the comments at the end of the article.

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