Best apps to take notes on Android

Why taking notes on Android can be so useful? We tend to believe that only professionals or creatives can have this need, even if they can actually be useful in a myriad of contexts.

If you are strolling and you think of something to do at home or if you are going to do the shopping and want to mark something to buy that you already know, you can easily forget, it can be very useful to have something to take note. If pen and paper are not always available, for the smartphone the situation is very different: in fact, it is practically always with us.

The best apps to take notes on Android

The need to take notes is well known to developers and, precisely for this reason, in recent years they have concentrated on the creation and development of special software. In this article we will analyze the apps for Android that best perform this type of function, always taking into account that they are not the only programs available in this specific niche.

Google Keep, the solution at home

With Google Keep we rely on the umpteenth service of the Mountain View giant. By using this app you will be able to keep all notes synced with your Google account on any device used (there are also extensions and apps for iOS, Android, Chrome or visiting the web page dedicated to the software)

Keep allows you to color your notes to make them more easily distinguishable, mark important notes at the top of the list and store notes considered obsolete or unimportant. As for the notes themselves, you can create a real checklist, a freehand drawing or simply type in the most classic text. You can also record your voice or engage a collaborator/friend/family present in your contacts.

Just as regards the vocal notes, Google Keep has one of its main strong points: this app is in fact able to record your voice and transcribe it in text notes. This software is rather simple to use, sometimes essential, because it is used quickly to take notes.

OneNote, what does Microsoft offer us?

If you prefer Microsoft services to Google services, OneNote may be the best solution. OneNote synchronizes with your Microsoft account, so you can add notes via desktop (with Windows and macOS) or sm artphones (both on Android and iOS).

OneNote organizes your notes in notebooks, so you can split the notes according to the different topics. The way in which OneNote organizes the notes is quite particular and not all of them find the logic used particularly user friendly, nevertheless it presents itself as a broader software more complete than Google Keep.

You can add images, voice memos, drawings and other types of notes to make a to-do list. OneNote can even clean up your scribbled mathematical equations (as well as showing you how to solve them) and is a pretty useful tool for mathematicians. It should however be said that this is not a totally free app: some additional functions have a cost.

Evernote, an evergreen!

Ten years after its release, Evernote is still one of the most widespread apps to take notes on Android (and more!). This is a very useful tool for both the app on Android, iOS and Windows, both for the service offered directly from the specific website.

With Evernote, you can write a note by typing in text or simply sketching with a finger or pen, inserting diagrams, drawing or recording audio. You can also use speech synthesis to make the app transcribe your note for you if you’re traveling and do not want to spend time typing the note physically.

Evernote organizes your notes in notebooks, but by default, you’ll see all your notes together when you open the app. You can also share notes with other users subscribed to the service.

Samsung Notes, for the phones of the Korean giant

If you have a Samsung phone, especially a Galaxy Note, you’re probably already familiar with Samsung Notes. The app allows you to split information into different collections (for order lovers) but you can also view all the notes on a single page. You can also set important notes as favorites or sort the notes by title, creation date or modification date.

If you’re using the S-Pen with your Galaxy Note, you’ll be happy to know that Samsung Notes allows you to scribble a few words on a note and store it safely in your phone. You can also attach a voice recording or photo.

The only limitation of this otherwise powerful software is compatibility: as is easily predictable, it only works on Samsung devices. If you want to share notes on other platforms, Samsung Notes is not the app for you.

SimpleNote, the essentiality first of all

The name itself says: SimpleNote is software that leaves aside superfluous functions and focuses on making it easier to take notes as quickly as possible.

SimpleNote is the most basic app of the list, eliminating almost any kind of distraction while you are writing your notes. You can access notes from smartphones (Android or iOS), desktops (Windows 10, Windows 7/8, macOS and Linux) or directly by visiting the web page dedicated to the service.

Among the available functions we can mention the possibility of using tags to manage notes, the possibility of involving other SimpleNote users by sharing notes via e-mail or by generating a specific link. All very simple and fluid, provided you want to give up vocal notes, drawings and the like.

ColorNote, the principle of colors

The last app in the list offers the possibility to manage notes using colors that, as is easy to guess, allow you to make a distinction at a glance not indifferent.

With ColorNote you can create a note or a to-do list by setting a basic color to use, in order to quickly distinguish a note in the pile thanks to the chromatic effect.

The app allows you to open a list of all notes by ordering them by name, time and date of creation, last modified date or color. On the other hand, it is not possible to use taxonomies or folders to divide the notes: everything is based exclusively on colors. Another rather heavy limit for ColorNote is the fact that it is available exclusively on Android: this means that the notes generated, can never and in no way be shared on other platforms.

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