How to install Android on PC and Notebook: Here is PrimeOS

PrimeOS allows you to have a complete and improved Android experience even on notebooks and PCs with Windows. Here’s everything you need to know

How to install Android on PC and Notebook: Here is PrimeOS

After the abandonment of RemixOS, the PC world and notebook, it felt orphaned of a solution that brought Android fully functional on them but for some time we hear talk of PrimeOS.

The project born over a year ago, now comes with a first Beta version that brings a particular desktop version of Android that can also be installed on PC and notebook with x86 architecture.

PrimeOS is an operating system based on Android, appropriately modified and arranged to be installed on PC and notebook x86, so all the devices that run Windows.

PrimeOS is based on the Android-x86 project and incorporates the graphical interface that had led to the successful Remix OS, with the classic window management, the taskbar, notifications and icons optimized to resemble the experience of use that offers Windows.

All with the potential to have an Android system, with almost 2 million apps directly on a notebook or desktop PC, and that PrimeOS wants to bring not only on mobile devices par excellence like smartphones and tablets but also on normal PCs.

In the modified Android distribution for PC we find the Start menu, drag support, window management, most common keyboard shortcuts (Alt + Tab, Alt + F4, Win + D and others) and we will also install the Open GApps so you can access the Google Play Store without too many complications.

How to install PrimeOS

PrimeOS is still in beta and not all devices may be recognized, and there may also be a number of bugs.

PrimeOS is based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat and can be installed on Hard Disk, SSD or microSD following the procedure CLICKING HERE for the creation of a USB stick.

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