What can we connect to USB-C port of iPad Pro 2018?

The new iPad Pro 2018 has USB Type-C port instead of the classic one and there are a series of accessories that we can connect to make most of new and versatile port

What can we connect to the USB-C of the iPad Pro 2018?

Apple with considerable delay compared to the competition, has inserted the USB Type-C port on the new iPad Pro 2018 which represents a clear cut with the past with the proprietary lightning grip that is therefore destined to retire.

This new door opens significant expansions for Apple devices that like never before will be to use accessories, adapters and cables to expand the functionality of this port.

Here to help you choose, we have made a list of things and accessories that can be done with the Type-C USB port of the iPad Pro 2018.

What can we connect to the iPad Pro 2018 USB-C?

External monitors

We can connect cables to use iPad as an external monitor. and interact with other devices and monitors. Output for external monitors at 5k to 60fps with support for HDR10.

Power Bank

With the USB-C port of the iPad Pro 2018 we can charge devices via the 7.5W output. We can connect an iPhone or other device and recharge the battery of the latter or another iPad Pro 2018 with the USB cable Typ-C – USB Type-C.

Import photos and videos from external memories

We can connect an adapter to insert a USB Type-C pen and be able to transfer files at the speed of light, freeing the internal memory.

External keyboards

We can connect USB mouse and classic keyboards using USB Type-C – USB Type-A adapters.


It has always been a taboo, and now we can connect an Ethernet adapter and automatically it will be recognized in the network settings.

Speakers, microphones or MIDI devices

The various headphone adapters for jack, double jack, external microphones and much more are also supported.

Multi-Port Hub

Finally the numerous multi-port HUBs to connect HDMI, USB sticks, microSD and SD and many others on the market that have the USB Type-C.

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