Racing games are among the most popular genres among gamers, thanks to its competitive climate and variety of possibilities. In addition to major titles such as Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo and Need for Speed, fans of the genre may experience less popular versions available for free on Steam.

Games can be downloaded and played without any limitations by the platform, and have some very interesting ideas. Gun racing, battle arenas, equestrian games, as well as realistic graphics, can brighten fans of the genre. Check out the list of the best free racing games for PC.

RaceRoom Racing Experience

The game impresses by the high quality of its graphics, able to compete with big names of the sort, like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo. RaceRoom Racing Experience can be downloaded and played for free on Steam, and has as one of its highlights the compatibility with virtual reality glasses (VR).

The title features both online and offline racing and a good range of vehicles, including machines from the world’s most desirable brands such as BMW, Mercedes, McLaren and Audi. The best part is that you do not have to have a very powerful PC to enjoy the game.

Heavy Metal Machines

Right from the outset, it’s hard not to look at Heavy Metal Machines and not remember the classic Rock n ‘Roll Racing. The game combines racing elements with battle arenas, where cars full of weapons and special powers face each other.

The game supports online battles for up to eight players, who can use custom cars with dozens of different skins. The game even runs on computers with built-in video cards.

High Octane Drift

Fast and Furious racing fans in High Octane Drift have a real full plate. Inspired by the culture of street racing and the mode that requires participants to skid around corners without losing control of cars, the game is fun and accessible.

High Octane Drift features a multiplayer mode for up to 32 concurrent players, hundreds of tweaks and system improvements to create groups of racers and special online events to keep players always interested.

Riding Club Championships

If all you wanted was a slightly different racing game, Riding Club Championships is the perfect choice. The free Steam title simulates horse racing competitions in a very interesting and fun way.

The game features an RPG-style horse progression system, which allows players to train the animals to develop certain abilities. Another cool option is to take your horse to compete online against other users.

Impulse of War

The free Steam game has a very different concept, which should attract fans of races that also enjoy a lot of action. Using several vehicles prepared for battle, players face each other in huge arenas in different game modes.

Options include traditional races, knockout arenas, flag captures, co-op modes and other alternatives to play online with friends or users from around the world. Another good news is that Impulse of War runs even on older, modest machines.


Those who like freedom and speed should be impressed with Blueshift. Free on Steam, the game features a huge map, which allows players to fly freely using their thrusters.

Despite the simple look, the game is a lot of fun and has some creative and interesting concepts. This is a good option for players looking for a unique and memorable experience.

Victory: The Age of Racing

The idea behind Victory: The Age of Racing is to give players the freedom to create their own vehicles, inspired by all generations of racing cars, from the beginning to today’s powerful machines.

This freedom adds an incredible variety of models, which can be put to the test in online matches against players from around the world. Great option for creative players and willing to invest time in their creations.


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