The Division 2 has finally arrived on the shelves and is ready to repeat the success of its predecessor. The title of Ubisoft is rich in content to be discovered and missions to be completed in the cooperative, allowing you to collect more and more powerful equipment. In this guide we will give you some advice on how to unlock the Dark Zones, how to find the Keys and how to unlock Suite 3 at the Washington Hotel.

The Division 2: how to unlock the Black Zones and find the Keys

Unblock the Dark Zones

There are three Dark Zones in The Division 2. The Dark Zones represent areas without any law, where you are free to play both PvP and PvE. To unlock them you will have to proceed with the main plot until you unlock Senait Ezera at the Theater. After that, you can find it on the ground floor and accept its first mission, which will take you to the Dark Zone in the east, unlocking it. Once you have completed the first quest, you will be assigned other similar ones, thanks to which you can also unlock the Dark and South Zones and the North.

How to unlock Suite 3 in the mission at the Grand Hotel Washington

After cleaning the first room after starting the mission, you will find a corpse with a key card on your right. Once inside the hotel look for the sign that says “Suites 1-10” and unlock Suite 3 with the key found before. You will find a very substantial loot.

How to find the Keys

In The Division 2 there will be many collectibles including the keys: to make them your own you’ll need to find the drawers first. Each chest of drawers will give you a certain chance of finding a key depending on the camp where the chest of drawers will be located. The best places to find the drawers that will give you the keys are:

  • Near the south entrance of the metro near the White House lawn
  • The metro tunnel in the east area of Downtown, northeast of the White House

All you have to do is explore these areas by heart to get the best chance of finding the keys.


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