5 Best Free Software to Create Greeting Cards on Windows

What is the best way to give a gift to a friend, relative, boyfriend or girlfriend? Of course, add something very personal to him that goes beyond the simple packaged object. From this point of view, greeting cards are still a timeless tool to accompany a gift, especially if you are good at customizing them and making them inimitable, precious and special. Curious to find out how to do it? Let’s see together 5 free software to create greeting cards on Windows.

1. Kigo Photo Card Maker

Kigo Photo Card Maker is a great software to create personalized greeting cards on Windows platforms. The program, in fact, will allow you to customize every single setting of your card by taking advantage of the many pre-packaged models that you will find in its collection. Moreover, creating the perfect greeting card will be child’s play, since the cards are divided into categories and, therefore, really easy to find. Finally, once you have found the right model, you can customize it by changing the photo, color and, of course, inserting the text: really a must-have, especially for Christmas or for birthday gifts.

2. Personal eCards

Personal eCards is decidedly less jaunty than the previous one, but no less suitable for creating a charming and romantic greeting card. Precisely for this reason, Personal eCards proves to be perfect for gifts to boyfriends or girlfriends, since it is the Happy Anniversary section that represents the real gem of this software. This, however, does not mean that you will not be able to use it for any occasion: the program, in fact, is divided into categories and also includes greeting cards for holidays, birthdays, maternity and general thanks. If you want to add a touch of sweetness to your gift, this is the software for you.

3. Ecard Magic

Ecard Magic is something unique, and it differs completely from what we have seen so far. And if you’re wondering what’s special about it, we’ll tell you right away: with this program you can create real electronic greeting cards, in executable format (.exe). In other words, you can create a multimedia postcard using images, clip-art, text and of course recorded sounds and messages, which you can later send via e-mail to the recipient. The customization options, which also include several watermarks, are so numerous that it would take a novel to describe them all. Do one thing: try it and then tell us about it!

4. Photos Pos Pro

Photos Pos Pro is the latest free software to create greeting cards on our list. But not the worst. On the contrary, with Photos Pos Pro you will find yourself in the hands of a program that has nothing to envy to the best graphic editors: even though it is a real graphic software, complete with options relating to colors and saturation, within it you will find everything you need to make really professional and exciting greeting cards and postcards. Finally, to underline that you can also download additional templates from the web, so as to dramatically expand the range of choices available to you.

5. Photo Card Maker

Photo Card Maker is a very simple program that at the same time allows you to create very nice greeting cards for parties like birthdays, Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day. In fact with this software you will be able to create greeting cards very quickly as you just need to choose the type of ticket, insert the greeting message and, if you prefer, upload your own photo or any image.

As you can see the interface is very simple and intuitive.

The first thing to do is to choose the template or the type of ticket from those present. Therefore click on Select Template to view all the available tickets divided into 7 categories which are:

  • Cartoon: here there are greeting cards more suitable for children;
  • Christmas: Merry Christmas greeting cards;
  • General: tickets without a specific category;
  • Holiday: birthday greeting cards;
  • Seasonal: 4 tickets corresponding to the 4 seasons;
  • Sports: sporting greeting cards;
  • Travel: tickets or better greeting cards for a trip;
  • Others: other tickets.

Once you have chosen the type of ticket click on Text to insert your greeting message. You will have a small menu to choose the type, size and color of the font to use.

Once this is done, you can insert your photo or your image on the greeting card by clicking on the Photo button. After uploading the photo you can decide on the size and positioning.

When you have finished customizing the greeting card click on Save to save the ticket image on your PC.

You can print your tickets or send them via email or use them on your favorite Social Network.

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