Best 12 Sites to Create and Send Free Virtual Postcards

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It never happens, even to you, to discover something too late. No, not too late in an absolute sense but, for example, Valentine’s Day has just passed and I discover a whole series of sites to create postcards. And not ordinary or common postcards, no, but rather original and pretty postcards. Indeed, some decidedly beautiful. And then I find myself chewing and promising to remember these sites for next year. But actually, I have to remember this list, the one I’m about to share with you, even for other holidays. Also because there are many occasions when you can use virtual greeting cards: think only about Christmas or birthdays, without forgetting the various anniversaries.

1. Punchbowl

Punchbowl is a practical service that allows us to send the classic paper postcards in electronic format; A wealth of designs, greetings and custom stamps are available. The postcards that can be sent for free but will contain small advertisements that can be removed only by subscribing to a paid service.

2. 123Greetings

But back to the sweet and romantic side of us all, and let’s talk about 123Greetings. The postcards on this site are certainly not original, in fact they are very similar to those we can find in shops and stationery stores. However, they add an undoubtedly romantic and effective background music. But I warn you, the risk of appearing corny and dull is high: evaluate well if the recipient has the necessary, and sufficient, sensitivity to appreciate such a gift.

3. Egreetings

I think it’s probably the best site for sharing greeting cards. Why do I say this? Not because it is the only one to provide this service and not even the first to integrate well with Facebook: other sites do this. But Egreetings is completely free.

4. Care2

Care2 is the classic web service that allows the sending of virtual postcards but with the difference that the company donates 5% of advertising revenues to important non-profit humanitarian organizations; there are many environmental themed postcards available for different occasions, all customizable.

5. ImaginaryCards

A website that offers more than 900 postcards ready with drawings and content inspired by nature; You can choose from the various categories listed or among the most popular of all. Creating a postcard to send will be a matter of a few clicks and very few minutes.

6. Doozycards

Doozycards is another web service that allows us to send postcards even free and without registering any type of account; here too an annual subscription to the site is available at a very low price (around $20). You can also create a free account to take advantage of features such as birthdays, anniversaries, reminders and personal address book.

7. Regards

Regards offers free postcards with the particularity of leaving them online with a private dedicated URL, in order to reset the download and send times; after creating our postcard we can then send it via email but the recipient will only see a link from which he can view the postcard. The cards created remain private, however, and only the sender and the recipient can be aware of the URL created.

8. E-Cards

A practical web service to send greeting cards to friends and relatives; E-Cards offers several free postcards and helps with donations various associations that protect and promote environmental protection, even if this is actually done only by signing up for the $12 annual pass for access to all site content. In any case there are many free postcards available without any subscription or cost.

9. World Wildlife Fund

A nice web service that in addition to providing us with several funny postcards with an environmental or animal theme, actively supports environmental protection with the WWF association; you can find really fun postcards if you love animals.

10. Nature Conservancy

Last web service that we see together is Nature Conservancy which offers postcards with very suggestive natural themes; the sending service is the classic offered also by other sites, choosing an image and adding text we can immediately send the postcard or postpone sending it on any other day.

11. American Greetings

Only those who produce greeting cards in the real world could have received such desecrating use of virtual postcards. Of course, there are also many series and cutlery, but the most beautiful are certainly the most funny: look for the one with the singing hamsters and then let me know if you can look at it without bursting out laughing.

But in addition to the ironic side, the site allows you to create your own personalized greeting card, adding texts, images and songs. And our voice: we can in fact record the wish directly and then send it to the recipient.

12. DGreetings

We remain in the world of romanticism, modern: this site also focuses much on the beauty of postcards and on the romantic effect emanating from them. Although I must admit that personally I find the quality of these postcards lower than the previous ones, at least from the artistic point of view. But the animated and musical ones are still nice and perhaps less dull than those of 123Greetings.


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