5 most popular guitar tuner apps for iOS and Android

The guitar tuner is a must-have item for any musician, but today you do not have to depend on physical instruments to make your guitar always ready for a show: your smartphone is fully capable of doing that, just use the right app for that.

In this article, you’ll learn about the five most popular guitar tuner apps that are simple to use and compatible with iOS and Android. All bringing a host of features to beginner and/or experienced musicians.

1. Cifra Club Tuner

The Cifra Club ( iOSAndroid ) is quite complete: it allows you to tune any string instrument, from guitars to banjos and cavaquinhos, and even violins and cellos. It features chromatic tuners where the user loosens and tightens home rope until the pointer turns green, or rope to rope, with very descriptive instructions.

The app is free and offers in-app purchases, which offer ad removal to extra tuning profiles.

2. GuitarTuna

One of the most complete and simple, GuitarTuna ( iOSAndroid ) lets you tune up a lot of string instruments, and offers clear tutorials that are easy to understand by beginning musicians.

The interface is very intuitive and, because it was developed by musicians, it counts on specialized functions, like professional precision at the time of the tuning. It also features a metronome, learning games, library and examples of songs with tablatures, as well as the chromatic tuner.

GuitarTuna is free, but offers in-app purchases of extra features.

3. Fender Tune

Distributed by the traditional guitar manufacturer, Fender Tune ( iOSAndroid ) has a very clean and direct interface, to facilitate the use by beginners. It has an automatic mode, where you listen to the chord and guide the musician towards perfect tuning, and a manual mode where you have to select the instrument and tune it according to the instructions. The app also features a chromatic tuner and preset profiles.
Fender Tune is free, but curiously offers in-app purchases only in the iOS version.

4. Pro Guitar Tuner

Exclusive to Android, the Pro Guitar Tuner is a very basic guitar tuner, working as a chromatic tuner for traditional tunes. It supports several instruments and is very simple to use, but overall it is much more spartan than its competitors. However, for those who want to keep things simple, it can be a good choice.

Pro Guitar Tuner is free, but offers in-app purchases to remove ads and add extra tuning profiles.

5. CF tune

The CF Tune is a unique guitar tuner for iOS. Just like the other apps on this list, it has a chromatic tuner and is compatible with several string instruments, as well as bringing in a number of different tuning profiles for various situations. The developer also ensures that the accuracy is high, thanks to a much more sensitive pickup than the traditional ones.

CF Tune is free.

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