What’s the difference between Facebook Lite and the original app?

In this guide we will see difference between Facebook Lite and the original app. Facebook Lite is a lighter, faster and more economical option

The Facebook Lite is an application created by the social network, which can be output for those looking for speed and more space on the Android smartphone. The app is very small, is only 1.32 MB and even works on older phones.

The minimum requirement is Android 2.2 – Froyo, 2010 – and, according to Facebook, uses less data, consumes fewer resources of its rich buck and works in all network conditions. Even in 2G networks and areas with unstable or slow connections. So, if you do not mind pyrotechnics, it will suit your needs.

Application Size:

  • Facebook (original): 4.10 MB
  • Facebook Lite: 1.32 MB

Ha, but the lite should not have Stories, messages and etc … Misleading it, it has it all. And the best, dispenses the Messenger application, which is mandatory use in the original app.

Some benefits of Facebook Lite:

Installs faster:

the application is smaller, faster, and uses less storage space;

It’s available in APK (Android):

you can download direct from Facebook website and use in Android emulators;

Works on old phones:

you can use an old phone that does not support the normal application;

Uses less data:

has less detail and is more efficient with mobile data. Saves your money;

Downloads faster:

is the platform’s fastest application, including photos, videos and the news feed;

Works on all networks:

is programmed for 2G networks and areas with unstable or slow connections;

Compatible with all devices:

is compatible with Android 2.2 or higher and offers almost everything from the original app;

Lower Battery and Memory Consumption

the Lite version consumes fewer features than the original app, with a simpler layout;

Is there Facebook Lite for iPhone (iOS)?

It is worth noting that, Facebook Lite available in some countries is only for Android:

There is also a beta version, in which the news arrives first:

There is also a Messenger Lite, which reduces to the messenger and dispenses the social network:

What can you do in Facebook Lite?

You can do a lot of things on your Facebook Lite, see if something is missing from the list:

  1. Send messages and participate in group chat (without using Messenger);
  2. Receive notifications when your friends enjoy and comment on your posts;
  3. See what your friends are doing in the news feed;
  4. Share posts, photos and videos (including feelings, location and activities);
  5. Express yourself with reactions (Facebook Reactions);
  6. Buy and sell locally on the Facebook Marketplace;
  7. Publish on pages that you are the administrator;
  8. Publish to groups that you are part of the social network;
  9. Publish and view Stories without any application restriction;
  10. Post cards with the colored background (very popular in the feed);
  11. Make fine searches by group, posts, pages or people;
  12. Create and publish ads on your Facebook pages;
  13. Answer and post questions on your personal profile;
  14. Add and remove friends, poke, snooze and etc;
  15. See the saved links and memories of the “On This Day” from previous years.

What you can not do in Facebook Lite?

If you read critically, looking for loopholes, know that they exist. There are features that are not available on Facebook Lite. But initially, many of them were not, as was the case with Facebook Stories, but a while later they arrived.

  • Have the same social network design in the original app;
  • Make live video streams in the app;
  • Edit posts with photos (swapping the media for another);
  • Create polls with multiple answer options in posts;
  • Use game features, bots and in-app purchases;

At first, these were the changes I noticed in using the application. If you know of any more ball out of the app, include it in the comments and share it with us.


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