Instagram: how to watch stories without being noticed

In this guide we will see how you can see someone story on Instagram anonymously without knowing them.

Instagram allows you to hide a story from specific users and also to know who has seen it. But is it possible to look at the stories of others without being discovered? In other words, can you view the Instagram Stories anonymously? Yes, it is possible, both in case we are a follower of this person and in case we do not follow him.

Here are the tricks that allow you to hide your name from the list of those who watched the story and how to cancel the view after watching the Instagram Story by mistake.

Watch the Instagram Stories in secret with IG Web

A first help comes from Instagram Web, which is the browser and PC version of the popular photo app. To view someone’s Instagram story without being notified, you can add Chrome IG Story to Google extensions.

Open Instagram and log in to your account, then make sure that the crossed eye icon appears above the story feed, indicating that anonymous viewing is enabled. Otherwise activate it by clicking on the icon. As long as anonymous mode is activated your display will not appear under the story.

If you use Android, however, you can use the Story Saver app available on the Play Store, access the app via the Instagram account and see the stories anonymously here. You can also download the story on the device.

Keep in mind, however, that allowing third-party apps to access your Instagram data may expose you to the risk of a hacker attack.

iOS users can download Story Reposter for Instagram. Just open the app and type in the name of the person whose story you want to see. The good thing is that you do not need to be a follower of him (provided that the account is not private) and that access with Instagram credentials is not required. After entering the username, press Search. If you have watched or saved the story, the other person will not know it.

Trick 2: use the story that comes before or after

The second trick to see the stories of someone secretly requires attention and does not allow, however, to look at the story in full.

You do not have to press directly on the story that interests us, but look at what comes immediately before or immediately after, and hold your finger on the screen to pause it. At this point we scroll to the left (or right) so you can see the preview of the story that interests us.

If you proceed with caution, without moving your finger too much on the story, the circle around the profile picture will remain colored and then it will turn out that the story has not been displayed. This method has a limit, as it allows you to see only a preview of the story. Reason why it can be very useful in case of photo publication, less in the case of video.

Cancel viewing after viewing Story

In case you want to delete your view after having already looked at someone’s Instagram Story you have to do this:

  • Open the Instagram app and go to the profile of the user you’ve seen the story
  • Touch the three dots icon  top right and press Lock
  • Confirm that you want to block the user

Blocking the owner will ensure that your name is not shown in the list of viewers. The problem is that as soon as you unblock that person, your profile will automatically appear in the list of viewers of the story. So leave it locked until its history will self-cancel (the deadline is 24 hours after publication).

To unlock someone on Instagram go to your profile, touch the gear icon (iOS) or  (Android) and in the Account section go to Blocked users. Select the specific user and then from his profile, tap  and select Unblock. Another thing you need to know is that blocking a person who follows you removes her from your followers, so if you decide to block it and not let her find out that you’ve seen her story, you’ll lose (even if temporarily) a follower.

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