Best 5 Apps to apply MakeUp for Android

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Today I want to talk about a somewhat atypical topic for me: make-up. Not that it is a strange thing, in itself, simply a couple of days ago I had to retouch a photo. And, between one thing and another, I found an application that suited me, Perfect365. Why? Because it is simple to use, free and well made, practically excellent for fixing some close-ups. Except that, here, it’s not a photo editing application, it’s a useful Android application to try make-up. And, trivially, it’s not even the only one. There are many really well made, and with excellent guides and advice.

The different types

In fact there are two different types of applications for Make Up for Android. Those that allow us to modify our face, using a photograph or the smartphone camera; and those that act as guides, which give advice based on fashion, face shape, eye color and skin.

Honestly, I’m not a Make Up specialist, and I don’t even need to be, Photo Editing

so I find the first genre comfortable, the one you put your picture in, touch up and go out with smooth skin, clean imperfections and things like that. But then it obviously depends on what we need, because if we are looking for inspiration for a particular trick, or a theme, or if we are looking for a particular technique, well, then the other applications, those of the second type, can also be comfortable.

1. Perfect365

So what is the best aspect of Perfect365? Well, its simplicity, linked in particular to the possibility of automatically modifying the photos, and to have some sensible suggestions thanks to a simple but effective algorithm. I mean, if I understand it then everyone can really understand it!

2. Virtual MakeUp

In order to work, it needs internet connection. And what does it do? It allows you to try various shades of makeup directly on one of our photos, and possibly share the result on social networks.

3. YouCam Makeup

An app that can make up for you live via your smartphone’s camera. Definitely one of the best around.

4. Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

Upload your photo or choose the one of an already existing model and start trying out hundreds of face tricks and hairstyles.

5. MakeupPlus

Make Up in real time or on photos. This other great application for Android lets you try out tricks, hairstyles and other accessories like glasses and hats.


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