25 Best Sites to Edit Photos Online and Free

With the advent of digital photography our computer contains more and more images that often need small corrections; if you do not have a sufficiently large budget to allow you not only a good editing software but also a computer capable of making the application run at its best, know that there are many online editors available for free and using only your browser. If you have no professional claims, we assure you that these services are very convenient and can become your point of reference for editing photos online; we have already seen several online services in the past to retouch photos, but with this article we will see 25 of them, to satisfy everyone based on everyone’s needs.

Site index

  1. Photopea
  2. Picozu
  3. PixEditor
  4. PhotoFancy
  5. iPiccy
  6. Pixer
  7. Picasion
  8. Pixizer
  9. Pixlr
  10. SumoPaint
  11. VectorMagic
  12. Cellsea
  13. FixPicture
  14. Citrify
  15. ImageEditor
  16. Editor.Phot.to
  17. Loonapix
  18. Lunapic
  19. FreeOnlinePhotoEditor
  20. OnlinePhotoTool
  21. Photoshop Express
  22. Phixr
  23. Picjuice
  24. ResizeYourImage
  25. WebResizer

1. Photopea – ^

The first site I present to you is called Photopea and, like many others that will follow, it is the classic graphic editor with all the tools available for editing photos, Paint style or Photoshop if we want. Obviously in this case we are talking about a web application that can be used for free and without registration. Just connect to the site and choose whether to upload your own image to edit or start creating a new image starting from a blank sheet.

2. Picozu – ^

Picozu, another classic online photo editor. Upload your photo and start editing it using all the tools provided by this tool.

3. PixEditor – ^

PixEditor is the third web application that we present to you. It probably contains fewer tools to edit photos than Photopea and Picozu but it remains a very valid alternative if we really need basic operations like resizing or cropping photos.

4. PhotoFancy – ^

I think PhotoFancy is one of the best sites on this list to edit photos online. This is because it works very well and the tools made available work really well, even if they are less than the previous services.

5. iPiccy – ^

iPiccy is a very good alternative to the first two services presented. Lots of features available to edit your photos even with very special effects.

6. Pixer – ^

Pixer is a simple online photo editing, once the photo is uploaded we can perform common editing operations like cropping, crop, rotate, flip, apply effects, adjust contrast and brightness. Very basic but quick to use.

7. Picasion – ^

Picasion is a free service to create animated GIF images starting from our photographs; the minimum number of upload photos is three but we can add others to get a gif with more animations.

8. Pixizer – ^

Pixizer offers online simply the resize of the photos, that is the resizing, plus the reduction of quality; a service that comes back very handy when we need to make a photograph lose weight or we need a fast downsizing.

9. Pixlr – ^

Pixlr is a very advanced online editor, able to offer editing to the levels of any basic software; there are many filters, tools and settings available. Very intuitive and well-organized interface for editing that has nothing to envy to that offered by good software.

10. SumoPaint – ^

SumoPaint is one of the most complete and professional free online editors you can find; it really offers a lot of features, filters and effects, with a well designed interface and laid out like a real PC software. Really great from all points of view.

11. VectorMagic – ^

VectorMagic offers vectorialization of images, with different options for quality to maintain and colors; great free service but a registration is required to download the image obtained.

12. CellSea – ^

CellSea is a basic online editor, with image resizing, rotation, effects and other classic tools; possibility to draw freehand, many supported formats (GIF, JPG, BMP, PNM, TIFF).

13. FixPicture – ^

This website offers a classic and basic online editor, with the tools already seen in many other services, but has pleasant effects and the possibility of mirroring photography. Supported formats JPG, BMP, TIFF, PDF and PNG.

14. Citrify – ^

Citrify is another online editor based on Flash technology; offers a good range of basic retouching tools and is intuitive and easy to use. Useful tools for removing red eyes, teeth whitening and removing skin imperfections; however, it will be possible to save our retouched photo only in PNG format.

15. ImageEditor – ^

ImageEditor is a site that offers us a classic photo editor, with basic but well-organized tools; we have many effects and filters, texts and clipart available. The preview system is very useful when we apply a filter for example; the tool offers saving in JPG format.

16. Editor.Pho.to – ^

Editor.Pho.to is a user-friendly online editor; offers several tools, easily selectable from a sidebar on our left. It is possible to upload a photo to edit or even provide a URL directly; some of the most widely used effects, filters and tools are available.

17. Loonapix – ^

If you are looking for an editor a little different from the usual, offering lots of Loonapix frames, it is a great proposal; this online editor offers different editing tools, frame applications, insertion of our visa on ready-made photos and more.

18. Lunapic – ^

Lunapic is a website that offers an excellent image editor, completely free like all the others seen so far; Lunapic in particular is ideal for optimizing photographs or for applying different filters and effects. Every single filter is customizable and it is possible to apply particular effects to animate the photos; saving images from a link that will be generated after retouching.

19. FreeOnlinePhotoEditor – ^

FreeOnlinePhotoEditor is another classic online image editor available only with the browser; possibility of adding text, animations, effects and conversion from JPG to PNG and vice versa. To underline the possibility also to automatically upload the image obtained on ImageShack.

20. OnlinePhotoTool – ^

OnlinePhotoTool offers a different editor from those seen so far; based on Java technology, it offers a complete editor, with an interface almost identical to that of a common editing software installed on a PC. Despite this good premise, the online service offers basic editing with the classic tools and effects, but is more intuitive and easier to use; possible saving in JPG, BMP and PNG formats.

21. Photoshop Express – ^

You haven’t misread the title: let’s talk about Photoshop; in addition to the expensive and powerful software tool known by everyone, Adobe offers a free online version of Photoshop, obviously reduced in terms of functionality. The service can be used with a free registration; you can upload your own photos via Facebook, Flick, Picasa and other services again. The editor itself is excellent, it offers basic but efficient functions and the most classic effects and instruments.

22. Phixr – ^

Phixr is yet another online editor, free, with classic tools present in any other online editor; always remains an alternative to other services already seen with something more: there are some interesting effects to make the photograph bent and almost real, as if it were printed.

23. PicJuice – ^

Picjuice offers an online tool to quickly cut, rotate or resize our photographs, without the need for dedicated software but only with the use of our browser; automatic optimization is also possible, saving photographs obtained in JPG and PNG formats.

24. ResizeYourImage – ^

ResizeYourImage offers a service similar to the one seen in the previous website: a resizing of the image, to which is added the possibility of rotating the photo and the crop.

25. WebResizer – ^

WebResizer offers a service often sought by many users: it reduces the weight of our photography, with the best possible weight/quality ratio; a service that we are sure will be useful to many readers.

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