8 Sites to Add Special Effects to Photos Online

In the past, we have written so many sites to edit photos with different effects, styles and so many other things. But that makes really a long list and it gets hard for you to check each and every service which we mention in our article. So to save your precious time here I’ll list only 8 sites which I find best to add special effects to your photos.

Following, as is now our habit, the rule of “free is beautiful, and better“.

1. Photofunia

How to describe Photofunia? I think the concept that best fits this site is the attempt to make Photoshop useless. Of course, we are still far from the famous drawing program, but for what interests us more closely, the addition of special effects to our photos, not even so much. 100 is the magic number of the site, as 100 are the special effects that we can apply to our photos. But not all work well in the same way: some are better suited for close-ups, faces, others for whole figures, and others for landscapes. It will certainly take some practice to learn to orient yourself.

2. PicJoke – 3. FunPhotoBox

Both Dumpr and FunPhotoBox act on our photos in a similar way. After uploading them to the site, we can apply various filters to them and add different special effects. Dumpr is perhaps more famous than FunPhotoBox, but I advise you not to underestimate the latter. Indeed, in my opinion, the best idea is to use both in combination, exploiting the best of both.

4. Photovisi

By changing the kind of special effect, we can use Photovisi to create collages, or mosaics, starting from our photos. The idea is not bad, and I think it fits perfectly to remember particular events, events that can go from holidays with friends to marriage, ours or not.

5. TiltShiftMaker

TiltiShiftMaker is a rather special site instead. The special effect that allows us to add to our photos is only one, but very unique. In fact, it allows us to focus only on a part of our photography, blurring the other details. I think that, if used with landscape images, we can do something nice. But it’s not easy to calibrate.

6. BeFunky

Another site full of special effects and filters to add to our photographs. But more funny, less serious, compared to other similar sites. More funky, like the site name? Yes, I think so, the name is really appropriate. In this case.

7. Picascii – 8. Text-Image

And for the nostalgic of the dear and old ASCII code here are two sites that allow us to transform all our photographs into ASCII text files. I admit that, from time to time, I enjoy losing a bit of time, even though I’ve never been able to use a photo with this effect for work or school.

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