5 Best Make Up and Dress Up Games for Android

Are you a make up enthusiast and would like to experiment and at the same time have fun with your smartphone? Well, know that there are so many applications that will allow you to do it, experimenting with makeup on girls in a digital version and allowing you, therefore, to have a good time and at the same time discover ever more fascinating color combinations. Of course, don’t expect miracles: these are not professional apps, but real toys designed for a very young age group. Not bad, because with these 5 makeup games for Android you can have fun regardless of age!

1. Icy Queen Spa Makeup Party

Icy Queen Spa Makeup Party is a really fun makeup game for Android: your goal will be to make up the Icy Queen to prepare her for a party, taking care of both the make-up and the hairstyle and the matching of the right clothes to bring out the colors from you chosen. The game takes place in 4 phases, to which you will have to add several extra steps that will increase your enjoyment while using this application: from eyeliner to foundation to eliminate pimples, you will always have your work to do, cradled by a really relaxing background music!

2. Make-Up Me

Make-Up Me is probably the most “professional” make-up app you’ll find on Android: although it’s always a game, this application will allow you to apply dozens of effects and tricks, using lots of different colors, applying lipsticks, foundation and any other make-up tool you know. And you will always have a convenient digital slate that will allow you to select the desired option quickly and easily. Finally, you can apply makeup to any area of ​​the face, without limitations!

3. My Makeup Salon 2

My Makeup Salon 2 is a much simpler game than the previous ones, but equally fun: the toolbar is really immediate and will allow you to scroll and select dozens of different tricks, which you can use to arrange the face of a new bride. Between eyeliner and lipstick, with a range of colors to say the least frightening, you will have to embellish the girl’s face and guarantee her to enjoy the most important day of her life to the fullest!

4. Princess Salon: Make Up Fun 3D

With Princess Salon: Make up Fun 3D you will be able to make up a woman’s face in three dimensions, thus having a slightly more realistic impact than the previous apps, but still clearly inspired by a cartoon style. For example, you can fix and cover the pimples that stand on the girl’s face, embellish her skin with foundation, apply lipstick and do whatever she wants in terms of make-up: in practice, your goal will be to turn a toad into a princess. And when you’re done, you can even share the result on social media!

5. Princess Makeup Salon

We close our list of 5 make-up games for Android with Princess Makeup Salon: an app that after all contains all the options of the previous ones, but adding a series of really sparkling and hilarious elements. For example, you can apply beauty masks, shampoo the model, and even dress her up choosing not only the dress, but also the background: and when you are done, you can take a picture of her while smiling, proud of your make-up job!

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