With the expansion of the internet and the increasingly cheaper and faster connections, the world wide web today is able to offer us more and more interactive services that only a few years ago were unrealizable: a few days ago we saw how it is possible to virtually test tricks and hairstyles and today we will see some web services to be able to virtually test glasses or sunglasses; through these websites we will be able to choose from home or at least give us an idea about the upcoming glasses to buy without losing hours in the shops.

1. Eyeconic

Eyeconic is one of the many online stores where you can buy glasses but unlike many others it offers us an interactive browser service with which you can try on sunglasses or eyeglasses; it is possible to make a small video of our face directly with the webcam and try the many models of glasses. To be able to upload your own photo, a free registration to the site is required, after which we will be able to try virtually many models of glasses and the most famous brands like Armani, Vogue, Oakley and the like; we advise against the direct purchase of glasses anyway from the website since the site is American so it is better to use it exclusively to try on models of glasses.

2. Ditto

Ditto is perhaps one of the best existing web services to be able to virtually test glasses: without any registration and with a webcam we will have to record some movements with our head that will be used by the software; at this point we will be able to virtually test the glasses in 3D, being able to look at 180° the model chosen on our face. A truly complete virtual test of glasses, it’s almost like looking in the mirror in a store after wearing a model; everything is free and only takes a few minutes and a webcam.

3. Rayban Virtual Monitor

Rayban Virtual Monitor as you can guess from the name offers us a virtual system to try many models of glasses exclusively Rayban; everything can be used for free and without registration directly from the browser, choosing the image from your webcam or a model on which to try the many models proposed. If we are looking for a Rayban model the service we offer is almost perfect to try and find the model that suits us best.

4. PD Self Test

PD Self Test is a special web service that does not allow us to try on sunglasses directly but helps us to find a fundamental measure: pupillary distance; this measure can be useful if we are looking for sunglasses or glasses and we can calculate it by uploading a photo of ourselves with this service. Furthermore, by uploading a photo with eyes we can quickly calculate the correct size of the glasses we have.


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