Best online PDF editors to edit your PDF for free

 Are you looking for a service on the internet that allows you to edit PDFs for free and without having to install a program on your computer or smartphone and tablet?

So now we’ll show you the best free online PDF editors you can use.

Best online PDF editors

FormSwift allows you to create and edit documents online and also includes the function to edit PDFs.

To start editing PDF files, first upload the document (click on “Select file to edit” and choose file). You can upload more than one file if you wish. Once you’ve uploaded everything, click “Create PDF” and make the necessary changes.

You can add your signature, add an image, highlight the text, add shapes and delete any errors.

PDF Escape does not allow you to make changes to the PDF you upload, but allows you to add things. For example, you can add images, text, form fields, links, etc. You can edit text in various ways, such as adding underline, bold, italic, color, font, size and more.

The list of specifications does not end there, since you can also add sticky notes, draw, stick to text, add shapes and comments. You can also delete individual pages, rotate them, trim parts, change the order and add pages composed of other PDFs.

There is also an option to add the URL of an online PDF, add one or start one from scratch.

PDF Filler is a complete online PDF editor. You can upload your PDF from your computer, by entering a URL, adding an email, requesting the document or from third-party connections. You can also add PDF from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive.

PDF Filler is available in various languages such as English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Swedish. It also has a spell checker and options to send faxes, e-mails, print, sign, add text, add the date and add an image and shapes.

Sejda PDF Editor is definitely worth trying because it is one of the very few PDF editors that allows you to edit text on a PDF without having to manage a watermark. You can also upload PDFs from other sites and add hyperlinks.

You’ll also find features like adding a signature, blank pages, including particular areas of the PDF and inserting shapes and images. When you create a signature, Sejda shows you how your signature appears using various fonts.

Sejda has its limits: it only supports PDF with 200 pages or less and does not modify PDFs larger than 50 MB.

If you’re looking for a PDF editor where you do not have to pay to remove watermarks or create a user account,  SmallPDF is a great choice. It is a very easy to use PDF editor and has all the essential features.

All features are free. You can add text, add white areas and import shapes, and you can save and load PDFs from other multiple sources.

You can add a PDF from your Google Drive or Dropbox account. The downside of the PDF editor is that it does not let you edit the pre-existing text.

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