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Maybe you do not know that to learn it is not necessary to buy books or go to school, but there are many online resources thanks to which you can greatly increase your knowledge on every front.

In this article you will find a list with the best sites in which you will find videos, articles, free resources through which learning online becomes very easy. The sectors of these resources range from IT, to science, or to learn a new language. And all this simply thanks to an internet connection and a lot (a lot ..) passion and willpower. Let’s have a look:

1.  Khan Academy

This site offers, after registering, the opportunity to study Mathematics, Sciences (physics, biology, chemistry …), Economics, Arts and Humanities, Computer Science and offers many other resources of all kinds.

I highly recommend this site, which is no coincidence is the first that I quote you, because I’m finding myself very well. It also offers the ability to track progress. In addition to lessons and tutorials, this site is also packed with exercises to test yourself and learn online.

Recommended especially for a more advanced and in-depth study.

2.  Coursera

A site perhaps a little less suitable than the previous one for a scholastic learning, but I think it satisfies many passions and personal curiosities, given the specificity of its contents. Resources range from literature to logic, to social sciences. All of course to learn online for free, with registration.

The Coursera app is also available for Android and iOS and can be found on official stores or on the website linked to the title.

Recommended for the most curious and passionate.

3.  Open Culture

This site, as is easily understood from the name, is a portal full of insights, courses and guides, of course all this is made available for free to learn online. If you click on the link of the title, however, it will redirect you to a specific page of the site, or a section in which 1150 free courses are listed to learn online from the best universities. Courses that would cost thousands of dollars, and that are made available to you for free, so why not let this opportunity slip away?

4.  Academic Earth

In this site, clicking on the Courses item you can access a catalog of subjects and disciplines, full of free courses and guides. More than 750 online courses. I recommend this site too, especially to those who are fond of some discipline or simply curious. To study a discipline in depth, I recommend other resources, without obviously taking anything away from Academic Earth.

5.  EDX

Almost 700 courses made available for free, organized by subject, difficulty, language and type. Undoubtedly one of the best sites among those so far cited to learn online, especially because the source of such courses is certain, or come from some of the best universities.


6.  MIT

A site that receives more than 2 million monthly visits, with over 2,250 courses in various disciplines. Definitely recommended for those who want to increase their culture but above all to deepen some issues in the sector that they prefer. The courses range from engineering to social sciences, through education.

7.  Code Accademy

As you probably understand the name of the site, navigating you can learn, in an interactive way, to program. I think this site is much better than its competitors because it is not limited to giving lessons or to share free courses, but it makes you learn by trying. Certainly to try if you are a beginner with programming, or you have even the slightest desire to try to see how to program.

8.  Duolinguo

So far I have only mentioned sites that allow you to learn and learn general topics online, but will you ask yourself, and if you would like to learn to speak a new language? Do not despair, there are many free online resources that are right for you, what I think is best called Duolinguo, a site (with its application) that through many exercises, a well-groomed profile, the track of progress will stimulate you to learn, in a very short time, the basics of many new languages. Being free I advise you not to be discouraged after the first failures and bad results and to keep trying. With this site, I’m finding it very well. If you do not like it as a site, I recommend an alternative before giving up: Babbel (free site equally valid).

9.  TED

You will undoubtedly have happened in front of a video published by Ted Talks, an information portal of the highest level, quality and usefulness. In addition to the video conferences on the website, there is a section called TEDEdu where hundreds of free lessons, guides and courses are kept that will certainly allow you to explore many issues.

The list of sites dedicated to free learning to learn online ends here, I hope you find it useful and, as usual, if you know other similar and valid resources or if you need some clarification, do not hesitate to comment!


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