How to choose your favorite password manager for automatic compilation on iPhone or iPad. Finally Apple allows you to choose your favorite password manager on iPhone and iPad. Whether you prefer 1Password, LastPass, Dashlane or anything else, you can conveniently use it like Apple’s integrated password manager.

This is new in iOS 12, and is a significant change from iOS 11 and earlier. Previously, the use of a password manager was a kind of unpleasant experience.

How to choose your favorite password manager on iPhone or iPad

You will need your favorite password management app installed on your iPhone or iPad to do so. Once installed, open the Settings app and tap “Password and account”.

Tap “Automatic password fill”.

Tap your favorite password manager here to enable it. Password-enabled managers have a check mark.

If you do not use iCloud Keychain, which is Apple’s integrated password manager, tap it to deselect it.

Any verified app here will provide automatic fill data. So, if for some reason you happen to use multiple password managers, you can activate them and you will see the login details from all password stores in one place. If you use only one password manager, enable it and disable the others.

If you do not see your favorite password manager here, you need to install your app from the App Store.

To fill in passwords automatically, touch the key icon at the top of the keyboard in any app while entering a password. It works on Web pages in Safari and other browsers and works even when accessing individual apps.

You will see the accesses suggested by your favorite password manager. Touch one to access or tap the Password Manager name to display the full password value.

In some cases, the keyboard will be hidden and a request will be displayed to log in with the saved credentials. Simple!

Your password manager may require authentication before completing the details. For example, you’ll need to use  Touch ID or Face ID  to authenticate with LastPass after selecting login details.


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