In recent months we have seen how podcasting is rapidly becoming a very popular form of entertainment. So we at Teknologya have decided to group together, the ones we believe are the best Linux podcast apps to install on your computer.


For a long time, the best graphic podcast client for Linux was Gpodder as it always managed to manage podcasts on the operating system very well. However, several new tools have arrived in recent months.

Despite this, Gpodder still manages to be a reliable and performing program. You can manually specify which audio/video player to use by default, allow users to back up personal podcasts to the cloud, and also offer great support for MTP devices.


Among the best podcast apps on Linux we decided to include Vocal as well. It is a podcast client pre-installed in the popular Linux Elementary OS distribution which boasts a really elegant interface. The main objective of this software is to offer users a simple and intuitive desktop client.

Unlike Gpodder, Vocal reproduces podcasts directly inside it, so without relying on third-party applications. Other features offered by this software are the ability to automatically download podcasts, save and resume them at any time, support for streaming is present, features for import and export and so on.



In addition to being one of the best streaming music services on the market, Spotify can be used to listen to your favorite podcasts on Linux. You will be able to subscribe easily and find your favorite episodes directly in the program without installing additional extensions or software. Furthermore, all podcast episodes are located within Spotify, so you won’t need to look for the RSS link to start playing.

One of the most interesting features offered by Spotify is that it is account based. This means that nothing will be stored locally (unless you have a premium subscription). Furthermore, just as seen with Vocal, Spotify does not rely on an external player to play podcasts. Finally, you can continue to listen to your favorite podcasts on other devices by accessing the app or program and accessing your personal account.


Rhythmbox is another program considered to be among the most popular for managing podcasts on Linux directly within a music player. Since it is a multimedia player, you can easily subscribe to a podcast and play the various episodes within it. In addition to this, you can take advantage of the synchronization feature to listen to podcasts when you are out.

The best Linux podcast apps: alternatives

In addition to the solutions listed above, you can consider using the alternatives we offer below.

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