10 Best coloring apps for adults and children for Android and iOS

You want to make your child have some fun, perhaps by using coloring apps to install on your smartphone or tablet. Within this new guide today, we decided to group what we believe are the best apps to download on Android and iOS.

10 Best coloring apps for adults and children for Android and iOS
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Colorfy is one of the most popular apps available on Android and iOS in this category as it allows you to color many designs including flowers, animals, patterns and so on. You can take advantage of extremely intuitive controls that allow you to paint or pinch on the screen to zoom. In the end you can share the result with friends and family using social networks.

The main screen of the software is divided into 5 sections: CatalogCreate, Get inspired, Notifications and my works. The first allows access to all the models available for coloring divided by TrendsBasicFloralAnimalsFamous and so on. The second allows you to draw and color the personal mandala, take a photo with the camera of the device and color it later or compose and color a personalized message.

The third section allows you to browse the drawings made by other Colorfy users. Finally, in the fourth section you will find the notifications received while in the fifth section all the work you have done.


Among the best apps for coloring to download we decided to include Recolor Android/iOS ). It is a software used by millions of people to color their favorite drawings. Inside you can find over 3000 unique designs to color in moments of relaxation, divided into various genres including mandalas, animals, ornaments, flowers and so on.

Once you have downloaded and started the application, you will be in the main screen organized in 4 sections: HomeGalleryMy works and Activity. The Home screen allows you to choose the design to color using the various menus at the top (eg NewFreeRecommanded3DBarbieMoviesAnimals, etc.).

Please note that free designs can only be colored after watching a short advertising video. Alternatively, you can purchase a premium subscription to access all the designs offered by Recolor by paying $7.99 per week (with a free 7-day trial), $14.99 per month or $80.99 per year.

In the Gallery section you will find the drawings made by other Recolor users while in the My works section you will find your works. Finally, in the Activity section you will find notifications and the latest news regarding the platform.

Sandbox Coloring

Another interesting application to entertain your children and/or to use in their free time is called Sandbox Coloring ( Android/iOS ). It is a light, simple and intuitive application which allows you to search and color many special drawings concerning animals, fruit, gadgets and so on.

However, compared to the applications listed above, this software adds a bit of learning and coloring difficulties. Indeed, it is necessary to plug on the corresponding numbers on the sheet to color the drawing. Once you have downloaded the application, go straight to the screen containing a lot of drawings to choose from.

We specify that those marked with a red heart in the lower right corner can be colored only by purchasing the premium version which includes a cost of 3.49 dollars per week (with 7 trial days), 8.99 dollars per month or 43.99 dollars per year.

The best coloring apps to download: alternatives

In addition to the solutions listed in the previous lines, below we propose other applications to be taken into consideration to distract your mind a little in moments of relaxation or to entertain your little ones.

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