iPadOS: release, news and iPad compatible list

iPadOS is the new operating system for iPad presented by Apple: here are all the features, the release date and the list of devices compatible with the update.
iPadOS: release, news and iPad compatible list

iPadOS is the new operating system designed exclusively for iPad: a version completely dedicated to Apple tablets, destined to expand its potential and functions, bringing the device closer to a laptop. The release is scheduled for autumn, alongside the new iOS 13 and for a list of compatible iPads already available.

Just from iOS 13 the new iPadOS is born which represents a sort of upgrade of the future operating system, strictly designed for iPad, which thanks to the Pro and Apple Pencil version has met a series of improvements over the years. Long gone are the times when iPad was defined as a simple larger iPhone: thanks to what was shown at WWDC 2019 the user experience between the two devices is destined to expand and change forever.

iPadOS: new features and release

For a long time now the iPad has moved away from being a simple tablet: the introduction of Apple Pencil, which allows you to write and draw, the folding Magic Keyboard to write more easily, always carrying a full and light keyboard, the double windows on Safaris introduced by iOS 12.

The iPad Pro raised the bar, making the tablets of the apple much more powerful than in the past, making it easier to work with images and videos: edit photos, edit vvideos, all at iPad.

The possibilities grow, so Apple has created iPadOS. From the aesthetic point of view the graphics closely resembles that of iOS: difficult to remain confused, the app grid is now narrower, making it possible to have more applications in the home, also taking advantage of the large screen sizes (which in the case of iPad Pros come up to 12.9 inches). Next to the app there is also the Control Center containing the various Widgets, for a quick consultation of the information of interest to us.

The new iPadOS screenThe new iPadOS screen

With iPadOS Apple improves the Split View function, to allow more tabs to be kept within the screen by the same application (during the conference an example was shown with the Notes app, with two notes opened simultaneously). Multitasking, this is the key word: Split View will also be implemented for all non-native apps, from Gmail to Microsoft Word.

Another awaited novelty is the official support for external USB and SD memories: thanks to the appropriate adapters it will be possible to move files directly from the physical device to the iPad just like on PC and Mac.

Safari is updated, making it possible to navigate even in the practical desktop version that changes the layout of the sites through the interface intended for computers (and the possibility of downloading).

Also the implementation of new Fonts arrives, downloadable directly from the App Store and ready to be used within the applications downloaded on iPad. Just the texts and the relative editing will be improved compared to the past thanks to the new three-finger gestures that will allow to correct and copy and paste texts in a much simpler way.

According to some sources iPadOS can also count on the support of mouse and trackpad, which can be connected to the tablet through the settings. The indiscretion has not yet been confirmed by Apple, but the video below shows the preview feature. The support of the mouse via bluetooth would make it similar to iPad to a PC in every way.

iPadOS: iPad compatible list

Which iPads will I be able to upgrade to iPadOS this fall? Apple has already made available the list of devices compatible with the new operating system that will debut next to iOS 13. Here are what they are:

  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air 2019
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Mini 5
  • iPad 9.7 2018
  • iPad 9.7 2019
  • iPad Pro 9.7
  • iPad Pro 12.9 2015
  • iPad Pro 10.5
  • iPad Pro 12.9 2017
  • iPad Pro 12.9 2018
  • iPad Pro 11

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