Best Programs to extract text from PDF

Many times it happens that the text inside some PDF files is locked specifically by who wrote it, how can we then copy the text or modify it when we open it?

Below we list some programs to extract text from PDF so you can copy it and insert it into other files or a new PDF file.

The programs below are called OCR programs or software that is able to understand when there is text in a PDF and extract its contents.

Extract text from PDF: which programs to use?


It is a free program available on the official website and supports only Windows:

  • Go to the official website and download FreeOCR;
  • Wait for the download and then install the program;
  • Open the PDF file from which you want to extract the text;
  • Click on OCR (in the upper bar)> OCR All Pages;
  • Now you just have to wait a few seconds and on the right you will see the text of the PDF file that you can edit or copy.

Wondershare PDFElement

Before pointing out how to use Wondershare on Windows or MacOS, it is a must to report that the program is not a free choice, has a cost of $59.95 one-off but from the website you can download a trial version with some restrictions. Here’s what to do to extract text from PDF:

  • Download from the Wondershare PDFElement producers website;
  • Install and open the program;
  • Open the PDF file from which you need to extract the text;
  • In the upper bar select Edit> OCR;
  • You consent to the download of the additional plugin required;
  • Once the download is complete, you will see a screen, select “Editable Text” and select the language by clicking on “Change Languages“;
  • Press on ” OK “;

The text will now be editable and you can also copy it into other files.

Online OCR

The only completely free option available for both WindowsLinux and MacOS is “Online OCR“, a program that works completely through your browser and requires no registration:

  • Go to the official site of Online OCR;
  • Click on “Select File” and moving within the folders select the PDF file you want to copy or modify;
  • Select the language and format in which you want the PDF to be converted;
  • Press on “Convert“;
  • Wait a few seconds and you will see a box under this bar from which you can copy the text;
  • Left click on “Download the output file” with the mouse if you want to download the file in the new format on your device, PC or Mac.


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