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The file sharing has become an integral part of the lives of most Internet users, sharing and retrieval of files through the systems peer to peer is a favorite systems, now also by many companies for the distribution of software. They know something about the users of Linux systems , very often in fact the various distro (from Ubuntu to Debian etc.) are put online right on torrent networks, as this serverless system allows a higher average speed and with an exponential increase with increasing number of users downloading simultaneously, all the opposite compared to the classical methods.

The most popular torrent client for p2p is definitely uTorrent, but if you are looking for valid alternatives you can easily browse this list with the best alternative clients for downloading from torrent networks (and not only) for Linux systems. We are obviously talking about free and secure software.


The first alternative client available for Linux systems is Ktorrent, initial K that knows how those accustomed to environments * nix is an application developed with KDE libraries, but compatible without problems also with other graphic environments such as Gnome and XFCE. This client has a graphic style that partly incorporates the graphics of uTorrent, although the colors are typical of the KDE environment.

Integrates a good integrated music player for playing the songs in download. It also has a band control system available for download and upload, so that you can manage your internet connection efficiently.


Another open source torrent client very popular for users of Linux systems, but now also available for other computer platforms is QBittorent. The latest versions also include a search engine for torrent files and the ability to remotely manage the software via a web interface developed in Ajax and then retrievable by browser.

It allows control of the connection, to limit or accentuate the download and upload of torrent files via the client, compliance with IPv6 standards and everything is inserted in a graphic frame as user friendly as possible.


The third torrent client of this list is Vuze, popular software for download from p2p networks that had found great success even with the previous name Azureus, replaced in recent relays just with Vuze. It is available for major computer platforms, including Linux, in multiple versions.

The free version allows, at the cost of bearing some banners, the management of torrents, the opening of the same directly from the client, the control of the band for downloading and uploading and analyzing the IP addresses of those who are downloading. Note the beautiful and original graphical interface that distinguishes it from other alternatives and from the same uTorrent.


FrostWire is another good alternative to uTorrent, it is a free, open source and multi-platform client, which also exploits Gnutella networks, for searching, downloading and sharing multimedia files. It comes from a fork of LimeWire (born for legal reasons) and allows operation even under firewalls, integration with iTunes, downloading from multiple sources and support for proxy connections.

One of the most original features is the ability to chat with the app community when downloading and uploading files. Of course, the option to control the available bandwidth could not be missing, for an efficient management of one’s internet connection.


One of the best, most secure and powerful alternative torrent clients to uTorrent also available for Linux platform is Tribler. This software is developed by researchers at the University of Delft and distributed free under the GPL license, and designed to allow the download of files from .torrent networks in maximum security, using Tor protocols for the cripting of incoming and outgoing information.

The integrated search engine is also able to bypass any limitations imposed by local governments on sites such as The Pirate Bay and beyond. You can also use it on your Android smartphone.


The last client we’re going to review is Deluge. Also in this case we are talking about a multi-platform software (Linux, Windows and Mac OS X) and open source.

Among the most interesting options of this software is the ability to work even under proxy networks, to be able to obscure the exchange of data on torrent networks to work even with limited connections, in particular it is great for those who have blocks imposed by their own network provider, there is also the ability to manage the client remotely thanks to a web interface developed ad hoc.

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