How to open an XLSX or Excel file online

The xlsx files are the files produced by the new versions of Microsoft Excel, they differ from the classic spreadsheets with xls extension because they are formatted differently from the Microsoft home software and this thing can create many compatibility problems for those who do not use Office or it does not have a more or less recent version of the same.

Surely it is not ideal to buy a very expensive office suite just to read a few files, and then here are some simple alternatives that do not require installation, or the best websites with which to open an xlsx file online.

Office Online – Link here

There could not be Office Online in this ranking. We are talking about an almost complete version of Microsoft Office that the Redmond company has translated into online service with which you can do everything and more, and of course also open files in xlsx format.

In order to use the service you will need to have a Microsoft account, that is an email registered through hotmail, outlook, live or other Microsoft extensions, those used for Skype, for the old MSN and even now to access Windows 8 – 8.1 – 10 with the Microsoft account. You can also access Office Online directly from Dropbox, thanks to an agreement with Microsoft the two services are now tightly integrated.

Google Docs – Link here

It is certainly one of the most important alternatives to Microsoft Office, and its web version has existed for years and is the main web office service. Google Docs is a complete and free office suite, it allows you to create and edit your documents even collaborating with other users.

The service relies, among other things, on Google’s cloud computing, or Google Drive. Simply upload the xlsx file directly to the Google cloud and then open it with the Docs service. All you need is a Google account (a mail gmail ) to access the service for free and directly from the browser.

Think Free – Link here

Finally, the third service for the opening (and not only) of online xlsx files is the one developed by the same team of Asian developers that deals with the Hancom Office Suite software, an open source alternative to Microsoft’s suite.

We are not just talking about a service for opening Office files (including the xlsx) directly from the browser, but also for the full modification of the same, so completely free. The service therefore allows to exploit all the potential of cloud computing also for production purposes, for the opening and modification of its documents.

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