How to schedule email in Gmail to send later

You will never need to send an email for a specific time, right? It may also happen that you need to do it at a time when you are not in front of your computer or if you do not have the possibility to send the letter, so why not schedule automatic submission with Gmail?

In fact, you may be interested in a very useful Gmail function, available thanks to the practical and safe RightInbox extension, to plan an email for a certain time without having to remember to do so or without having to access your e-mail account for confirm sending.

But what exactly is RightInbox?

If you have Google Chrome (but not only) you have already definitely had to deal with extensions, which are particular plug in that added to Chrome by increasing the browser functions and allow you to automate certain procedures or have new commands available.
RightInbox is an extension that will interface with your Gmail account, you can download it and install it quickly from the official site, or from this link.

How does it work?

You have then installed the extension and are ready to govern as best as you can the timing of email, now you have to understand how to make the most of RightInbox.

The first thing you may want to do is write an email, complete with subject and recipient and set the sending at a certain time, to do so just click on the Send Later button specifying in the following window when the email should be sent. In the meantime, the email will be kept in the Drafts folder and will still be editable or erasable.

It is also possible to select Track checkbox which will act as a notification system for the reading of the email, your contact will receive the letter with a particular transparent image that once loaded will notify you of the download of the email and its simultaneous reading.

Another useful function is the one that you access from the Remind Me button.

With this button, in fact, you will label conversations that do not require immediate attention as “to be read on a specific date”, also setting restrictions on this feature linked to any new emails received from the same sender in the same conversation.

How much does it costs?

RightInbox is free for use associated with less than 10 emails per month, after which you will be asked to pay a fee of about  $6 a month with an annual subscription, or just under $8 if you prefer to pay the single month without subscribing whole year.

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