Do you know the new Webp image format?

If you find a file with this extension but do not understand what it is, we only say that we are talking about a new format for compressed images developed by Google starting from the video codec VP8 and specially designed to optimize the loading of images on web pages, supported to date by Google Chrome and Opera Browser.

But if you want to use these images on other devices, such as on your smartphone or tablet, or even keep them available on your computer using a classic image viewer for their openings instead of the web browser (heavy, slow and not very suitable ) then you will need a tool to convert them in the most popular formats, such as the format  jpg, png, bmp, tiff but also pdf, docx and epub. So here’s how you can simply convert from Webp to another format using a convenient, simple and fast online image conversion service.

To do this, all you have to do is connect to the Webp Convertor website, even from the homepage you understand that you have to select the destination format of the image, then choose the format you prefer (eg: Webp to Jpg) and click on the appropriate button will sent to a page where you will have to upload the webp image in question, either from your computer, directly from a cloud storage service (Drive or Dropbox) or from an online link. You will then have to choose where to save the photo, whether on Google Drive, or on Dropbox, or get a link for direct download of the file on your computer or the device from which you are connected.

The image in question will be perfectly compatible now with all your software and electronic devices for viewing photos and images.


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