How to optimize and reduce image size online

The needs that lead to having to reduce size of a photo are varied, for example, the need to easily attach it to an email or to optimize the upload on a website, there are services free online that allow you to work on the image quickly.

These are quick and effective solutions, perfect for those who need to reduce the weight of a photo without too many steps, below we will see which are the best online sites that offer this service, also suitable for those not very familiar with certain tools.


CompressNow is a very useful online tool to reduce the weight of images, its operation is very simple thanks to its intuitive graphical interface.

You have to load the image you want to compress and click on the “Compress” button, a progression bar allows you to choose the level of compression to be performed and at the end, the photo will be released in the lighter version.

The width and height of the image do not change, it will only be a matter of weight of the file; you can compress images with JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG extensions. There are no costs, the service is totally free.


TinyPNG is another valid online image compression service, which allows you to upload photos and reduce their weight without any obligation to register.

The free version allows you to upload a maximum of 20 photos a day that do not weigh over 5 MB, for higher performance, you have to buy the Pro version.

However, the graphical interface is clear, the photo is loaded to be compressed and the process is started, in a few seconds the new lighter version is released.

This online tool is specific to images in PNG format, but still seems to work with other extensions.


WebResizer is a free online service that, like the others, allows you to reduce the weight of a photo, it does so without registration, providing a quick and effective tool.

To reduce the weight of a photo you must first click on Resize Photos Here, then upload the photo in question and wait a couple of seconds, it will release the modified and lightened version that can be downloaded directly to your computer.

The quality and the dimensions of the images remain unchanged, to benefit only the weight of the file which, once reduced, can be shared more easily.


CompressJPEG is one of the best online tools that allow you to reduce the weight of a photo, complete with everything, provides an area where you can upload up to 20 images jpg or jpeg.

Compression takes place automatically, in a few seconds the images are released much lighter and ready to be downloaded or separately, or grouped into a ZIP archive.

A very interesting function is that it can also compress files with a PDF extension, one of the most used formats for sending documents and texts by e-mail; this option is offered, in the same way as the images, for free.

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