A simple and smooth guide to discover your local and public IP address, in which we explain how to find it if you are using a Windows PCLinux or Mac.

Local IP address of the Windows PC, how to find it

If you are using a Windows PC, your IP address can be displayed via a short sequence of keys. Click on the Start menu (at the bottom left of the taskbar) and in the search bar, where the words “Search programs and files” are displayed, write “cmd“.

Clicking on the cmd file will open the Command Prompt, in which you will now have to type the word “ipconfig” and wait a few moments for processing.

The IP address of your computer is the one listed in the IPv4 Address section.

How to find the local IP address on Linux

If you want to know the IP address of your computer and you are using the Linux operating system, go to the Super menu and look for “Network Tools” in the bar at the bottom of the window. Click on the link found and type the command “ifconfig” (caution: not ipconfig!) To receive the digits of your IP.

Local IP address on the Mac

Finally, if you have a Mac your local IP address you will find it in Terminal, a window that you can open with the sequence ApplicationsUtilities.

The command to type is a bit ‘complex, but you will have only and exclusively your IP, without additional data that would be useless and incomprehensible to many. This is “ifconfig | grep “inet” | grep -v“.


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