Best torrent sites of 2020 to Download any File Safely

Downloading movies and TV series using torrents is a practice that has been very popular in the internet world for several years. Unlike the classic server download, getting a file using this decentralized protocol has a number of advantages.

The first is the availability of the file: there is no longer a single access point (also known as point of failure), but the file is distributed over multiple devices, ensuring availability even in case of deletion by the file author.

The second big advantage, in my view, is the download speed. Instead of downloading the whole file from a single point, you download several portions from multiple users. In this way if one of the sources is no longer available or has a drop in upload speed, the effects are minimal since, almost certainly, most other sources will continue to run smoothly.

The great success of torrents is undoubtedly the ease with which you can download millions of contents, many of which are protected by copyright. You can find many books, movies, TV series, manga, video games, PC/MAC programs and porn movies downloadable via torrents with just in a few clicks.


Downloading files using the torrent protocol is legal?

Despite the confusion that reigns in the environment, downloading files via torrent is both legal and illegal. The distinction between legal and illegal makes the presence and type of copyright-related to certain content.

This is why we at Teknologya assume no consequences for the irresponsible use of the information contained in this article. We only refer to those who want to obtain files that, according to what is claimed by the rights holders, can be obtained through a free torrent protocol. The infringement of copyright is a crime in many countries, including India, USA, Europe and we do not take responsibility for your actions.

I will suggest you use a secure VPN like NordVPNCyberGhost VPN for torrenting to download. These VPN helps assure that your torrent activity won’t be traced back to you in the form of a nasty letter from your ISP.  If you are curious to know more about VPN then check our complete guide on what is VPN and how it works.

Below you will find what are, in our opinion, the best torrent sites of 2020 from which you can download thousands of files in complete security. If for any reason you can not access one of the sites listed below try to follow our guide on how to change DNS.

Best torrent sites of 2020


The first site on the list can only be Torrentz2. It is the best search engine for torrent files available in 2018 and maintains the ease of use of the famous predecessor.

Thanks to the closure of some rival sites, 1337x has been the most visited torrent site in the world for the last two years!

In addition to taking advantage of the misfortunes of others, this site has managed to convince more and more users thanks to a pleasant user interface, millions of indexed torrent files and the convenient division by categories. It is in fact possible to find and download operating systems, software, books, movies, TV series and hot content.

Update 2 October 2018: The main domain is inaccessible in some countries. The aim has been changed: now the SE domain of 1337x is accessed. If this is no longer accessible, try one of the following alternative domains:


The Pirate Bay

The website with the most known illegal content in the world. Willingly or unwillingly The Pirate Bay is one of the pillars of the web, although the various legal disputes and closures have undermined its primacy of the most used torrent site in the world.

In 2018 the portal is still full of content and within seconds you will find the desired content, unless you search for particularly rare and niche files.


If in the past he was the one who inherited the scepter of Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrents has not fully recovered from the ban it had last year because of the US authorities.

It is more than reasonable to understand how a user hardly visits a site previously closed by the authorities, with illegal content and that potentially causes millions of dollars of lost revenue every day.

The torrent search engine homepage is much cleaner than in the past, although the search results pages maintain the style of the first version of KAT.

Alternative torrent sites to keep an eye on in 2018

Due to their nature as aggregators of copyrighted content, torrent sites tend to attract the attention of the course over time. For this reason, the more a site is visited and the more it could disappear overnight.

Below we list the safe torrent sites that, although not at the levels of the portals described above, have the cards in order to become large:

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