10+ best Ubuntu Based Linux Distros

Ubuntu is definitely the most popular Linux operating system among users. Despite this, many people want to know which are the best Linux distributions derived from Ubuntu. For this reason, we at Teknologya have decided to create a guide in which we propose which are the most famous and above all the best Ubuntu based Linux Distributions.

10+ best Ubuntu Based Linux Distros

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is the most popularUbuntu-based Linux distribution on the market thanks to its great ease of use and the very similar Windows user experience. This distro provides different desktop experiences but the developers suggest using the Cinnamon environment as it is directly supported by them.

Inside you can find different features such as those that allow you to easily backup and install drivers. Specifically, the TimeShift backup system is present which makes saving the system very simple in case of problems while the update tool has a feature that allows users to automatically install system updates instead of managing them manually.

Elementary OS

Among the best Linux distribution derived from Ubuntu we decided to also select Elementary OS. The main objective of this distro is to make the operating system easier to use, besides being very modern.

Many former Mac users, who have decided to use Linux, choose Elementary OS as it has an interface very similar to macOS. It even has an app store very similar to the Mac App Store of Apple.

We are faced with an operating system which is almost identical to Ubuntu but which mainly focuses on beauty, privacy and simplicity. Inside there is the powerful Nemo file manager in the Cinnamon version that allows you to quickly manage and search for files and folders on your computer. In addition to this, the operating system has the hardware information collection feature disabled by default.

Zorin OS

Along with Linux Mint, Zorin OS also has a user interface inspired by that of Windows. However, even if it is a derivative of Ubuntu, this distro allows users to run their favorite Windows programs without any problems using the pre-installed Wine and PlayOnLinux applications. In addition, Zorin OS has a pre-configured firewall that blocks advertising.

Peppermint OS

Among the best Linux distribution derived from Ubuntu also we report Peppermint OS. It is an operating system focused mainly on stability, simplicity and ease of use.

The distribution uses the Xfce desktop environment so users can get a configuration very similar to that of Windows. In addition, the distro requires few resources to work.

Within Peppermint OS, the ICE tool is present which allows to transform many websites into complete desktop applications and is also based on Ubuntu LTS for maximum stability.

KDE Neon

The main idea behind KDE Neon is to propose the most recent version of the Plasma desktop on the stable version of Ubuntu LTS as it is usually only available on unstable Linux operating systems like Linux Arch or Gentoo.

The best Linux distributions derived from Ubuntu: other distro

In addition to the distributions listed above, it is possible to find other Ubuntu-based Linux OS that are just as interesting. Here is the complete list.

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