Safari is probably the web browser most used by MaciPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. This obviously thanks to its “standard” presence on all the devices developed, produced and marketed by the Cupertino company. This browser, while not the most popular in the world, has some pretty useful features that can speed up navigation and productivity. In this article we are going to see just how to use one of these operations, namely the one related to the closing of all the tabs opened with a single gesture.

Obviously the procedure varies according to the device used: iOS or macOS.

How to close all Safari tabs except the current one with a single gesture in Mac and iPhone

Eliminating all Safari tabs has never been faster

On Mac the possibilities of closure are many more, given the presence of a physical keyboard and the consequent shortcuts resulting from it. In particular we will see how to: close all open Safari windows and remove all open panels except the one currently in use. Only the first of the two operations instead on the iPhone and iPad.

Close all Safari windows on Mac

  • Enter Safari
  • Click on the “File” drop-down menu at the top left 
  • Continue with “Close all windows”

Obviously, just as suggested by the same option, you can simultaneously press on the keys: shift, cmd, alt and W to get the same result.

Close all panels except the one currently in use on Mac

  • Enter Safari
  • Click with two fingers (on the trackpad) on the active panel
  • Continue with “Close other panels”

Close all Safari windows on iPhone and iPad

  • Enter Safari
  • Hold for a few moments on the display button of all open panels (icon with two overlapping squares, top right on iPad and bottom right on iPhone)
  • Continue with “Close all X panels”, where X stands for the number of open panels


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