Debian is one of the oldest Linux distros on the market and is used as a development base for some of the most popular operating systems. In this new article today we decided to list what we believe to be the best Linux distro derived from Debian.


Ubuntu is undoubtedly the most popular Debian based distro. We are facing a modern Linux operating system which is updated frequently thanks to the support guaranteed by Canonical LTD, a company based in the United Kingdom.

In addition to this, Ubuntu is famous for the various tools available that allow drivers and software to be installed very quickly and easily. Therefore, it is certainly not a novelty that is the most popular Linux distribution in the world.

If trying Debian you found out that you don’t like some things, then that derivation will be perfect for you. At this time, there are several versions of Ubuntu available for download. We offer you the following.


Just like UbuntuPureOS is based on Debian Testing and is a Linux distribution that focuses heavily on open source philosophy and privacy for users. We decided to include PureOS among the best Linux distribution derived from Debian also because it offers a very modern and above all elegant interface and also boasts several open source features that make it an excellent distro.


SolydXK is an operating system based on Debian Linux whose main objective is to provide an elegant and easily understandable user interface. At this time SolydXK is available in two versions: X and K. The first one would be the lightest edition while the second one is KDE. Finally, this Linux distro manages to perfectly adopt the philosophy of stability proposed by Debian, so you will definitely be on the safe side.


Antix is a very light Debian based operating system, designed for older computers. The distro comes with a custom Antix Magic desktop environment that promises to be much lighter than traditional ones.

Many users may find the fact that the OS renounces the traditional Systemd init system annoying but on the other hand will surely benefit in terms of speed. This operating system has many goals but the biggest one is surely to revive older and obsolete PCs. So if you want to brush up on an old computer, try Antix!


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