4 best extensions to have a VPN on Google Chrome and browse on all sites even those obscured or blocked in your country

VPNs serve many purposes.

One is to create a tunnel to visit each site without geographical restrictions and to maintain privacy and anonymity online on what is done on the internet.

We have seen, in another article, the best free programs to install a VPN on Windows 2018.

In this article, for those who want something less invasive, usable quickly only to visit certain websites so as not to be traced and without blocks of various kinds, we see some Chrome extensions able to pass the internet connection on a VPN.

The extensions route the packets to the server of the company that manages the VPN and from that server the connection to the Internet is established.

The internet traffic then passes through this remote server so that online services and websites will think that the connection comes only from there, without having any reference regarding our computer. If you surf with Google Chrome you can have a VPN to route traffic and overcome any limitation of the internet world with these extensions.

1) ZenMate requires you to register an email address on the welcome page after installing the extension.

The password is automatically generated on the next screen and can be changed.

The extension is activated automatically and is ready for use. The status of the VPN is visible from the icon with the shield on the address bar. From here you can also change the location of the VPN server to make the connection appear from New York/United States, Frankfurt/Germany, London/UK, Zurich/Switzerland or Kowloon/Hong Kong.

Zenmate is free and, for now, offers unlimited traffic.
Probably sooner or later it will be paid.
ZenMate is a German company.

2) DotVPN is a great extension to use a free VPN without limits that allows to make the connection anonymous to the websites, encrypted, secure and with the possibility to choose between 12 countries to falsify the location and make it appear that we are connecting to the internet from another place.

With DotVPN, Chrome’s first VPN, you can open all websites, videos and streaming services without geographical restrictions, with traffic compression, encryption, total privacy of the identity and IP address, the ability to browse onion sites of the TOR network, integrated firewall.

A click on the icon in the extension bar will serve to learn more about the selected remote server and its location.

You can use a menu to switch to another server and simulate an internet connection from the USA, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan and Russia.

3) Hola Better Internet
Hola uses a slightly different system than other VPNs and exploits the connection of the same users to feed the traffic.

Without needing to create an account, you can immediately use Hola after installation on Chrome and browse all websites, including those blocked or obscured in your country.
Hola is an Israeli company.

4) Tunnelbear for Chrome makes it easy and automatic to access the internet via VPN to browse securely with encrypted connection (very useful if you are connected by public wifi) and to visit sites obscured or inaccessible in your country.

The connection can be simulated by several countries including Italy, from Spain, USA, England, France, Germany and others.

The free account limits the ability to keep the VPN active for traffic of 500 MB per month.


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