Best Apps and Tricks to block access to a website in Android without root

How to block access to websites on Android mobile devices without having active ROOT permissions. Best Apps and Tricks to block access to a website on Android

How to block access to websites on Android without ROOT

On modern smartphones it is easy to access websites using a common web browser for navigation and when we talk about security we must always keep our heads up and be careful.

Here is that preventing you from visiting specific websites is very important to protect your children or prevent access to corporate or personal devices to certain websites so as to prevent access to these sites on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with Android operating system here’s how to do it without having active ROOT permissions.

How to block access to specific websites on Android without ROOT

To do this without having the active ROOT permissions we must necessarily rely on some simple apps that will block traffic to sites, including those for adults.

Use the Block Site app

The first application is Block Site, which simply by opening the app and then going to the settings Settings -> Go to settings -> Locate Block Site and in the services under accessibility enabled the Block Adult Websites option.

Now you can add a site by pressing + and entering the complete link. All the links that you insert in the list will be blocked automatically by the app. Obviously to remove them always enter the options and click on Delete.

Use the Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus app

The easiest solution is to install an app that does everything for us but unfortunately Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus is not free and costs $19.99 a year but it’s all money well spent. Once installed, it allows not only to block adult websites but also to detect harmful viruses and apps.

So download and install Trend Micro from the Google Play Store and once opened (14 days trial are free), you will need to create a Trend Micro account where you can enter email, name and last name and also activate payment via PayPal and cards directly from the Play Store.

Finally you will need to create a password to access the app, so as to prevent access to those who do not know the password and go to the settings Parental control tools, filter unwanted websites.

We can also block specific websites in the Block List and Approved List section.

Use the Norton Family Parental Control app

With Norton Family Parental Control, download from HERE, you can activate the parental control in a few clicks and block the display of certain websites manually or with pre-set filters.

Once you have downloaded, opened and created the Norton account you can check everything from the website by logging in with user and password. Once logged in to the account go to the Norton Family section and move to OFF all the switches except Norton Family and Web Supervision go to Settings home rules and check the item High: block the website.

Now select to block all known websites of this type but you can also manually type the URLs you want to block in restricted Web sites. Finally click on Save to finish the configuration.

In automatic it will be overturned on the app installed on your Android device.

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