Download Instagram Video in iPhone with iOS 12 without Jailbreak

Download Instagram video in iPhone: here is how to download videos from Instagram on iPhone in the easiest and fastest way possible. 

Download Video Instagram iPhone

As we all know, Instagram does not allow you to download videos directly on iPhone or iPad to watch them offline and without internet connection.

If you want to watch a video on Instagram, you have to do it with an active internet connection and directly through the official app.

Of course, you can always save certain Instagram videos to your collection to see them later, but you’ll still need the internet connection to watch them.

Thanks to our indications, however, you can finally download videos from Instagram on your iPhone in a few simple steps, taking advantage of a new feature of iOS 12.

And, since we’re going to use an iOS 12 system function, we can download and save videos from Instagram on iPhone without Jailbreak. 

Yes, it’s not a joke: in a few simple steps you can bypass the block to download videos from Instagram directly to your iPhone. 

So we do not waste time and start immediately with the guide. Saving a video from Instagram on your iPhone has never been so easy, I can guarantee it!

App to download videos from Instagram on iPhone (in reality no program is needed)

To achieve our goal, then to download videos from Instagram to iPhone and to save videos from Instagram for free, we will use the Shortcuts feature of iOS 12. 

Obviously we are not going to create a Shortcuts from scratch, but we’re going to use an already ready in order to simplify all the steps. 

The Shortcuts in question, which will allow us to download videos from Instagram, is called “Social Media Downloader”. I mention it works with both Instagram and Twitter, but I do not think it is compatible with Facebook and YouTube.

  1. First of all, download and install the Shortcuts app from the App Store if you have not already done so

2. Once you have done this, from your smartphone or iOS device, click on the following link: download the social media downloader. A screen will open: click on “Get Shortcut” and then on “Open”.

3. Now open Instagram (the images refer to Twitter, but nothing changes) and let’s try immediately if the process works

4. Search for an Instagram or Twitter post with a video. Click on the share button and wait for the window that allows you to share the video or post where you want to open

4. In the menu that appears, select Shortcuts. If this item does not appear, click on the “More” menu and activate it

5. On the next page, select “SDM”. At this point, let the process take effect automatically until it asks you in which format/resolution to save the video of your interest. Choose the format you prefer and start the download

Done. The video will be automatically saved by  Instagram or Twitter in your camera roll.

So, did you see that downloading videos from Instagram to iPhone was not difficult at all? 

With this guide you can save and download any video or video from Instagram directly to your iPhone without doing anything. Comfortable, right?

I assure you that it takes more time to read the guide than to do the whole operation: within 2 minutes you can download all the Instagram videos you want and move them to the iOS camera roll. 


With this guide we have concluded.

For any doubt or problem leave a comment and we will help you as soon as possible.

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