There are several ways to run two WhatsApp App on the same mobile. But many people do not know about how to run two Whatsapp Account at one time on a single browser. Therefore, today we are going to tell a trick that can be accessed by the same browser as two Whatsapp Account.

This is the step by step method of running the same browser two Whatsapp accounts:

Steps way
step 1     First, open your computer’s browser and then go to the WebSite Web site (
Step 2 After this, open the WhatsApp app after connecting the mobile to the internet.
Step 3 Now tap on the three dot on the right side of the WhatsApp side.
Step 4 Then select WhatsApp Web. By doing so, the QR Scanner will open.
Step 5 Now scan the QR code displayed on the computer using this smartphone’s scanner. After scanning the QR code, WhatsApp will be able to use it on the computer.
Step 6 Now open a new tab to open the second WhatsApp account on the same browser.
Step 7 After this, paste the link in the address bar and access the web address by pressing Enter.
Step 8 To do so, another QR code will appear, which will follow step 3 to 5 to scan with the second WhatsApp Account. After scanning the QR code, a new account for WhatsApp will be opened on the same browser and then both accounts can be accessed simultaneously.


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