Download Firefox 63 Final : With performance boost

Firefox 63 Final Available for download there are several important news about improved performance and stability as well as some new gem. Download for all systems

The new version of Firefox 63 for Windows, MAC, Linux and Android is available now

Today Firefox 63 Quantum has been released that brings few news but among those we find an increase in performance, especially on macOS which now has a better management of resources and on Windows instead there is a different management of open tabs.

In addition to performance for example we find the automatic selection of the theme (dark or light) on Windows 10 based on the main menu theme, new interface to switch from one tab to another (CTRL + Tab) and several other improvements.

Here are the main novelties of Firefox 63:

    • Moved the build infrastructure of Firefox on Windows to the Clang toolchain, bringing important performance gains
    • Firefox theme now matches the Windows 10 OS Dark and Light modes Performance and visual improvements for Windows users
  • Performance improvements for macOS users
    • Improved reactivity
    • Faster tab switching
    • WebGL power preferences allow non-performance-critical applications and applets to request the low-power GPU instead of the high-power GPU in multi-GPU systems
  • Out-of-process extensions enabled for Firefox on Linux.
  • Network Monitor highlights known trackers with a new icon.
  • System add-ons are not shown on about:debugging anymore. You can change that by setting devtools.aboutdebugging.showSystemAddons to true on about:config.
  • A site’s favicon honors existing Content Security Policy directives.
  • Firefox throws a warning when a user attempts to quit the browser if multiple windows and tabs are open.
  • Firefox uses the operating system’s accessibility settings to reduce animation if they are set.
  • Mozilla resolved an issue that prevented bookmarks from being suggested by the browser under certain circumstances (when they were not visited or when the visit count was reset).
  • Mozilla removed the Open in Sidebar feature of the Library for individual bookmarks.
  • The Ctrl-Tab shortcut displays previews of tabs when used by default for new Firefox profiles and installations.

Changelog completo Firefox 63

Here is the complete Firefox chagelog in version 63

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