How to blur and hide Face in Photos on Android

Have you taken some photos and sometimes hide or blur faces of children and people using your Android smartphone? Here are the best apps

How to Obscure and hide Faces and writings in Photos on Android

Point Blur and Canva are two applications for Android that allow you to obscure and mask faces and parts of photos in just a few taps. Especially if there are children, faces of friends or relatives who do not want to end up on various social networks, here are some software that help to blur faces and parts of photos in a few taps on the display.

It can happen that you have to obscure a face or a particular on a photo and do it with the phone is easy with the Android applications Point Blur and Canva.

The operation of both allows you to upload the photo in the application and apply the classic blurred effect by manually selecting the area with extreme precision and customization of the level of obfuscation.

The difference between the two is that Point Blur allows you to apply the blur effect and customize it while Canva allows you to personalize photos and blur the faces using cute stickers.

How to use Point Blur and Canva

  • Upload image from an album.
  • Choose the photo effect for the gradient to apply.
  • Use the wavy brush and add other special effects to photos on Point Blur or stickers in Canva.
  • Change the size of the blurring brush or sticker according to your tastes.
  • Change the effect level.

Download Point Blur and Canva

You can download Point Blur and Canva for free by clicking on the following links:

Download Point Blur for Android

Download Canva for Android

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