How to make GIF with iPhone

After thinking about it for a long time, you decided to take the plunge and buy your first iPhone. You have already familiarized yourself with the main features of the Apple smartphone and you have discovered that, through the Camera app, you can also create animated photos, the so-called iPhone Live Photo. Taken from the enthusiasm, you tried to make one and send it to your best friend, but realizing that it is shared as a normal static image. I guessed, right? Then you do not have to worry: your iPhone is fully functional. To succeed in your intent, however, you need to turn your live photos into animated GIF, reproducible without problems on the devices of all brands and all operating systems. How you do it? I’ll tell you right away.

If you spend a few minutes of your free time, I can explain how to create GIF with iPhone by installing on your device some applications to create animated images. You have several solutions that you can consider: there are apps that allow you to quickly create a GIF using a movie or a Live Photo already on the device and others that, instead, allow you to record video on the spot, add effects, filters, stickers, texts etc. and convert the final result into a GIF. Interesting, right?

So let’s not waste any more time in chatter and let’s get to work immediately! Get comfortable, take five minutes of free time and dedicate them to reading the next few paragraphs. Choose the application that you think best for your needs, put into practice the instructions that I’m giving you and I assure you that, in a short time, you can create all the GIF you want and make some fun with your friends. Good reading and, above all, have fun!



One of the best solutions to make GIF with iPhone is GIPHY Cam, the mobile version of the famous search engine for animated images. With this free application, you can create a GIF using photos and videos on your iPhone or making them on the spot, with the ability to apply filters, effects and stickers.

After downloading GIPHY Cam on your iPhone, start the app by pressing on its icon (a celestial camera on a black background) present in the home screen. When you first start, tap the OK button to allow GIPHY Cam to access your iPhone camera, then tap the red circle to take a series of photos in sequence and create your own animated image.

Now, if you want to add effects and stickers, press on the + symbol at the top right and choose the effect of your interest by selecting one of the options available between TrailsPunchyHypnoRainboFocusPosterVHS etc. To apply a sticker or an effect, select the one you are interested in to add it to the image, then drag it to the screen to choose its position and pinch to zoom to set the size. By pressing, instead, on one of the boxes next to the Tt icon, you can add some text to the GIF: select the font that you like the most, type the text to be entered via the iPhone keyboard and tap the OK button to confirm the entry.

You must know that with GIPHY Cam you can also create a GIF using photos, videos or Live Photo in the iOS roll. To do so, press the icon of the camera roll, tap the OK button to allow the app to access your photos and select the one to use.

Once you have created your GIF, tap the Next button and the Save GIF button to save the animated image on your device. Alternatively, press on one of the icons shown below to send the GIF via SMS and Messenger or share it on Twitter and Instagram.

GIF Maker

GIF Maker is another valid free application to create animated images with your iPhone. It allows you to create GIFs using photos and videos, also made on the spot using the device’s camera. To make a GIF using a Live Photo, you need to purchase the Premium version of GIF Maker at a cost of 4.99 dollars, which also allows you to create looped GIFs.

To create animated images with GIF Maker, download the app to your device and start it by tapping on its icon (the colored GIF writing on a black background). Now, choose how to create your GIF by pressing one of the available items: Photo to GIF to create an animated image using a photo on your iPhone; Video to GIF to create a GIF starting from a video in the photo gallery of the device in use; Live Photo to GIF (available with the Premium version) to convert a Live Photo to GIF or Loop GIF (available with GIF Maker Premium) to create a repeating animated image.

Alternatively, tap the red button to access the camera and press it again to start recording a short movie on the spot. If you have chosen to make a GIF using a video, select the part of the movie you are interested in using the timeline at the bottom and tap the Done button; while you have opted for a photo, select the ones you are interested in and press the Done and Next buttons.

Now you can further customize the GIF by applying one of the effects available between False colorMaxMinChromeFadeInstant etc., while pressing the Speed item you can set the speed of the animated image by moving the slider to the left (to decrease the speed ) or to the right (to increase it). Instead, press on the Add text item to add text by typing it on the keyboard of your iPhone.

Completed the customization of the GIF, tap the arrow icon pointing up into a square on the top right and press on the Gallery option to save the animated image in the storage of iOS, otherwise press on the options Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS and Email to share the GIF on social networks or via a messaging application.

Motion Stills

Motion Stills is a free application developed by Google, allows you to create GIF using video or Live Photo on your device. In addition, it allows you to create collages using multiple videos and to export the final result as an animated image, albeit applying a watermark.

After downloading Motion Stills on your iPhone, launch the app and tap the ✓ button to allow access to your photos and access its main screen, which is divided into two parts: on one side there are the latest Live Photo realized and in the other the latest videos shot with the iPhone. Tap on the file of your interest or, alternatively, tap the camera icon to record a short movie on the moment.

After selecting the animated image of your interest, you can customize it using the toolbar at the bottom: press the circle icon to activate/deactivate the Motion Stills function; tap the two triangles icon to set a loop back and forth; press the Volume button to activate/deactivate the sound of the movie; tap the T icon to add text to the GIF and click on the heart icon to add the animated image to your favorites.

After customizing the GIF, click on the arrow icon and select the Send GIF option from the menu that appears. Then choose whether to save the animated image on your device by pressing on Save Image or send it via MessageEmailWhatsApp or one of the available applications.

You must know that with Motion Stills you can also create a GIF collage, using more videos or more Live Photo. Then press the icon of the house

7 in the bottom menu to return to the main screen of Motion Stills and swipe to the right on the file to add to the collage, then repeat the operation for each video and Live Photo you intend to use and press on arrow icon pointing down to create the collage.

Then select the Create collage option from the menu that appears, choose the layout you prefer and drag the previously selected files into it, then press the arrow icon pointing to the right and tap the Send GIF item to create the animated image.

Create GIF with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the famous instant messaging application that allows you to send text messages, voice messages, photos and videos for free and secure. It does not need any introduction, not everyone knows, however, that also allows you to create GIFs and send them to your contacts using a video recorded on the moment or one made previously.

To create a GIF with Whatsapp, start it on your iPhone and, in the Chat screen, tap the conversation of your interest. If the contact you want to send the GIF is present in the list of chats, press the pencil icon in a square on the top right and press on his name.

Now, tap the + button located in the lower left corner and select one of the available options from the menu that appears: Camera to create a GIF making a video on the moment or photos and videos library to use a movie in the iOS camera roll. In the first case, press and hold on the circle icon to record a video, while in the second case select the video of your interest in the multimedia gallery of your device.

In both cases, select the part of the video you want to transform into GIF via the timeline at the top and tap the GIF entry at the top right. If you do not see the GIF option, it means that the selected video is still too long to be converted into an animated image and, therefore, you have to proceed to a further cut as indicated above. Finally, press the arrow icon pointing to the right to send the GIF to your contact.

Other solutions for making GIFs with iPhone

Would you like to know other solutions to create your animated images? No problem, there are other free and paid applications that can be for you. Here is a list of other solutions to make GIFs with iPhone that you can consider.

  • ImgPlay: free app that, in addition to allowing you to create GIF using photos, Live Photo and video on your iPhone, allows you to create animated images by merging a video and a Live Photo with a unique result. In addition, you can add filters, frames, music and text and export the GIF in low, medium and high quality. In the free version applies a watermark to the animated image that you can remove by switching to the Pro version, at a cost of 3.49 dollars.
  • GIF X: another application to create GIF using photos and videos in the photo gallery of your iPhone. It allows you to create animated images by applying over 300 effects, with the possibility of adding music. Furthermore, it allows you to search and download GIFs via GIPHY.
  • GIF Me!: valid free application to create a GIF using videos made previously or recorded on the spot. A minimal interface, makes the app easy to use and allows you to create an animated image with a few taps. It is also available in a Pro version, at a cost of 2.29 dollars, which removes advertising banners.
  • 5SecondsApp: allows you to create GIFs using photos and videos, but also to search for existing animated images using the GIPHY search engine. It is available for free and features banner ads, which you can remove with an in-app purchase of 2.29 dollars.
  • Workflow: it is a free app (now owned by Apple) that allows you to automate a wide range of operations on iPhone and iPad. It is defined by everyone as the Automator for iOS.

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