Are you active on Social most of the time and you like to always publish new photos to update the profile and get likes? Have you noticed that lately your shots are boring and repetitive and you want to know some Photo editing tool that makes your photos less flat? If this is your main intention then there is nothing left to continue reading the entire post where we will insert and describe 5 App for the Blurred Effect on photos with iPhone and iPad without having to resort to a PC to adjust their shots.

Essentially the blur effect is a combination of different factors that, if well reported, allow to obtain really satisfying results. Even if you do not have any experience in photo editing, do not worry, the applications for iPhone and iPad reviewed below are very simple to use and do not require specific industry knowledge.

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Blur Photo Effect Background

We start the reviews with an application known as Blur Photo Effect Background and as you can understand from the name itself, it is a photo tool that allows you to apply the blurring effect on any image directly exploiting the iPhone functions. Its main features are:

  • Intensity regulation
  • Soft blur effects
  • Offset brush option to ensure greater precision
  • High resolution editing
  • Image rotation option
  • Blurry backgrounds
  • Effects like mosaic

Photo Blur Wallpaper Booth App

Photo Blur Wallpaper Booth App is another interesting application for iPhone and iPad to apply the blur effect to your personal photos. The main features offered by this application are:

  • Custom intensity and blur
  • Zoom effect to take care of the details
  • Instant sharing on the main social networks
  • Cancel and Restore Options

Tadaa SLR

Tadaa SRL is another very complete resource used by millions of users to apply the famous blur effect to the images in the iPhone roll. Essentially it offers the same functionality described for previous applications and is extremely easy to use, so if you want an easy, fast and powerful app, then you can not consider Tadaa.


Snapseed is another application that offers a complete and professional photo editor developed and marketed by Google. It has been voted several times by users as the best photo-editing app to use and exploit with their smartphone and the features offered are as follows:

  • Over 29 tools and filters to apply to photos
  • Selective brush function
  • High precision settings
  • Section dedicated to suggestions and advice


We conclude today’s focus with the latest application called AfterFocus and allows you to apply the blur effect to your photos simply by selecting the focus area to get a more natural and professional image. This useful feature has been specially developed to work in comfort and faster on the small screen of the smartphone. What can you do with this useful photo editing tool?

  • Select the focus area
  • Apply the blur effect to the backgrounds
  • Add filters and effects
  • Share directly on the main social platforms
  • Management and modification of double photos