Today, we will dedicate the entire content of the post to the Best 5 Sites to Convert Video to Mp4 directly online without having to use programs or applications to install. The MP4 extension is a kind of multimedia container that stores digital video and audio files (as well as other data such as subtitles and images) in order to be reproduced with particular players that support this format.

Dedicate 5 minutes of attention to this post and you can immediately understand how to convert Video to MP4 directly exploiting the 5 resources reviewed later.

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The first resource that we take into consideration is called Online Convert is essentially a free website that allows you to make any conversion with any file format, but what interests us today is how to convert a video to Mp4. Now let’s see how the step by step conversion is performed:

  • Click on Upload to upload the file to be converted or upload the file via URL, Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Set all the settings according to the characteristics that the output file should have
  • Click on the Convert File button
  • Download the converted file to your PC


Do you like online or is it too complex? Do you want to know a resource much more basic and easy to use? Then you absolutely have to try Zamzar to permanently convert any file to MP4 format by performing a few simple steps. To turn a particular video into MP4 format you need:

  • Take the conversion from MP3 to MP4 as an example
  • When you reach the site, you need to upload the file using the Choose File button
  • The second step involves the choice of output format, in our case MP4
  • Now, you need to enter a valid email on which the converted file will arrive
  • In the last step, simply click on Convert

We wait for a few moments in such a way that the conversion process ends and we will receive the mail containing our new file in MP4 format.


Another very complete and easy to use online converter is Free Online Video Converter from Apowersoft. In addition to the ability to convert directly online, this resource also allows you to install a desktop version of the service so you have it available even if you are not connected to the internet. The site itself offers the possibility to consult a short guide on the operation of the tool in order to facilitate the conversion process, so we will not go into the complete description of the service to avoid wasting time unnecessarily.

Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is another online video converter available to everyone, even users who have no experience in the conversion field. To facilitate a simple, fast and effective use, we will try to briefly explain how this tool works to convert any file of any format into an MP4 file.

  • Choose the file to convert
  • We wait a few seconds for the preparation of the file
  • Select the output file (MP4)
  • Click on Start to start the conversion
  • We await the end of the conversion and download the file ( Download )


The last site that we present to convert video files to MP4 is called Convert.Files and is nothing more than an equal and precise resource to those already described in the previous paragraphs. Its operation is the classic one, so if you are going to use this tool just run the classic steps used in other instruments.